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Sometimes in the cold storage business, refrigeration is not sufficient and you need controlled atmosphere (CA) storage to extend the storage life of seasonal perishable products. For many vegetables and fruits, this type of technique should be used. In this controlled atmosphere oxygen level should be reduced and high carbon dioxide concentrations with a low temperature. In CA cold storage, an environment that is lethal to stored-grain pests is created by changing the proportions of CO2, O2, and N2 in the atmosphere surrounding the bulk grain in storage structures. First analysis ca cold storage project costand then make a financial budget and proceed.

controlled atmosphere cold storage

Why CA cold storage require?

In Our India, fruits and vegetables are producing in a large quantity but we don’t have huge market demand at the same time. So, through its very good that we are capable of producing large quantity products but we are unable to distribute all products to the market. Due to fewer cold storage facility in our India, tons of fruits and vegetables every year become rotten and wastage and crore of money become a loss. Now, to solve such a problem, CA cold storage is the best option. Choose the best deal online and then proceed.

A report showing that in our country we need approx. 6.1 crore metric ton food storage capacity but now we have approx. 3-ton metric approx. storage capacity. It means we need to set up more cold storage facilities to reduce wastage of crops. Check controlled atmosphere cold storage facilities and benefits before proceeding with it.

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What types of products you can save in your cold storage?

In our country, fruits and vegetables mostly need CA cold storage system. Presently, most of the people related to farming and businessman aware of the need for cold storage and they just want to invest in the cold storage business. Now, there are different types of cold storage available in the market and you may choose any type of cold storage as per your capability. You can choose a large cold storage room for multipurpose or you can choose a single cold storage room for a single item. Check the best-controlled atmosphere cold storage setup consultant who will guide you at each step.

Ca chamber is the place where you can keep all the fruits and vegetable items safe. It helps to control the temperature and keep all the fruits and vegetables safely in a place. Not only fruits and vegetables but you can also keep meat, fish, ice cream, frozen materials, etc. based on your budget, you have to draw a design and make cold storage. For ca cold storage, initially, you have to invest a huge amount because you need it. But once you set it up it will run long.

ca cold storage project cost

How to set up cold storage in India?

If you want to set up ca cold storage in India, then you will get many benefits. To set this type of cold storage there are some points you have to consider like…

  • A place which you are going to rent or buy
  • Paper works for license and business loan
  • Cold storage machine like cooling machine
  • Electrical equipment’s which help to control the temperature
  • Advertisement and marketing, etc.

What type of machine you need for ca cold storage?

To start ca cold storage, there are different types of cold machines and equipment you need to buy. The first one is an insulated chamber and the second one is a Refrigeration system.

You have to buy different types of machines and equipment like Fan cooling, compressor, water pump, etc machine, cooling tower, condenser, expansion valve, veaporta, special thermometer, and trolley, etc. The prices of such machines are always high and you have to consult with a few suppliers and companies and then ask for the quote to make a final decision. Mainly, controlled atmosphere cold storage is essential to keep all the fruits and vegetables safe.

Grab the best consultant to get the best deal!

Grab the best deal online or you can hire a consultant now! An experienced consultant who has strong knowledge about ca cold storage is always better. You can contact me as well. I and my team always ready to support you at each step. I am having 25+ years of experience personally setting up the chilling plant and different types of cold storage. We can always support you at every step to get the best deal. You can consult with us anytime you wish! We are always ready to offer you the best service. We always make a business plan for your business and help to calculate the ca cold storage project cost always.

Make a budget

Our team will guide you at each step so you don’t need to worry about every process and documentation. We can help to set up successfully controlled atmosphere cold storage in any country not only in India. Also, we have strong technical knowledge which helps to set up successful cold storage very simply. A business plan, proper financial analysis, and budget play an important role always. A proper business plan helps you to grow first and it save you from financial losses. Another big advantage of hiring me and my team, we have a strong connection with different suppliers and distributors of products and services, if you choose us, we will recommend you some good supplier who will provide you best quality cooling machines and other utilities within reasonable price.

We also help to prepare documents for a business loan and we also apply on behalf of your company government subsidy if any require! Find the best deal online now.

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Improve financial growth

Once you set up a ca cold storage business, you will be able to improve the countries overall economic condition and it will also help to expand the business further. People able to get any type of fruits and vegetables throughout the year at a reasonable price.

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Yogesh Dahiya

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