What are the requirements for a cold room?

What are the requirements for a cold room

Industrial cold is a sophisticated field in which the technological activity of designing, building, and maintaining refrigeration facilities is developed. In this blog, we will check what are the requirements for a cold room? Today, industrial cold acquires great importance in our lives, lowering the temperature to increase our comfort and quality of life. Likewise, it … Read more

Is the cold storage business profitable in India?

Is the cold storage business profitable in India?

The cold chamber, also commonly known as a refrigeration chamber, is the equipment used for commercial and industrial refrigeration. Many people wonder: what is cold storage for? What is the difference between a freezer and cold storage? Is cold storage business profitable in India? Answering these questions, however, is easy. Cold storages have the main function … Read more

How much does a cold storage cost?

How many cold storages are there in Odisha

Today, the cold storage business is booming and so everyone is eager to know how much does a cold storage cost? Let’s find out in this post, how much does it cost to build cold storage? Basically, this implies achieving the best possible cleanliness and order conditions while respecting the storage conditions of each product. These guidelines are … Read more

Cold Storage Business in Libya

Cold Storage Business In libya

The cold storage business in Libya is a set of standards and procedures that ensure the ideal atmosphere of cool or cold temperature. During the storage and distribution of thermolabile or perishable products, through pre-cooling systems, refrigeration chambers, or refrigerated transport. For their conservation at recommended temperatures with which the optimal state of the properties and characteristics … Read more

Cold Storage Business In Madagascar

cold room manufacturer

Are you planning to set up your own Cold Storage Business in Madagascar? If yes, Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  is going to give you the best guidance. Here we are going to talk about the floors and accessories which you will need in the setup. Cold store floors and floors: In this section of our website, … Read more

Cold Storage Business In djibouti

Cold Chain Solutions

Are you planning to start a Cold Storage Business In Djibouti? If yes, then you are here at the right place. In the below guide, we will learn a lot of things about cold storage. According to the report: in developing countries, losses amount up to 50%, mainly in tropical products; while in developed countries, they … Read more

Small cold storage cost in India

small cold storage cost in india

The sale of refrigerated and frozen food products has increased substantially due to the presence of domestic equipment for their conservation and final preparation, and also to the way of life of consumers in large cities, which require ease and speed in food preparation. In this blog, we will know what is the small cold storage … Read more