Land required for 5000 mt cold storage

cold storage profit margin in india

Are you curious to know about how much the land required for 5000 mt cold storage? Here in the below guide, we will learn. Large refrigeration installation, the cold room is necessary for catering professionals and catering trades. Moreover, there are several types of cooling cells for storing food in the best conditions, such as: … Read more

Is the construction of a cold store a challenge?

cost to build cold storage warehouse

The construction of cold storage or frozen warehouse is a complex project, where each step must be carefully considered. And so, the cost to build cold storage warehouse varies. Before embarking on such a construction project, we must take the time to evaluate the various options available to us with specialists and qualified people. Two distinct types: Cold … Read more

What are the main advantages of cold storage machine?

cold storage machine

Cold storage is an installation, a set of equipment, that creates a controlled temperature space, suitable for the conservation of various elements and materials. This is a tool designed to work between 0°C to 18°C, but some models can reach negative temperatures. Although complex, the system of equipment like this uses many of the components … Read more

Types of cold storage in India

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There are numerous products that need to have differentiated types of cold storage in India so that the quality of conservation is not compromised. Among them are medicines and refrigerated food, which need a professionalized logistics service even before reaching the storage locations. That is, safety rules are applied from their production (manufacturing), transport, distribution to storage. … Read more

Potato cold storage technology

Potato cold storage in Deesa

To achieve a suitable environment for the conservation of potato tubers, different storage systems with Potato cold storage technology have been designed, ranging from the simplest and most rustic to the most complex and sophisticated with a controlled environment or atmosphere. The factors that must be considered and that allow choosing the most appropriate storage system are … Read more

cold storage manufacturing companies

cold storage manufacturers

The cold chain is not something minor and plays a fundamental role within the supply chain, in order to avoid errors and deficiencies that can be eliminated when logistics-related cold storage manufacturing companies and their services are increased. This chain is nothing more than the succession of logistics processes (storage, distribution, packaging, transport, loading, and … Read more

cold storage information

cold storage information

Are you planning to set your own profitable business? If yes, then we recommend going with the cold storage business. This business has a one-time investment and long-term profit. If you have no idea about this business, here is the complete cold storage information. Installation of a cold commercial room: The installation of a commercial cold … Read more

Cold storage construction cost in India

cold storage construction cost in india

Cold storage is the most demanding business in India. Presently in India every year a large number of fruits and vegetables become wastage due to insufficient cold storage. If you want to increase the cold storage quantity then it helps to stop wastage fruits and vegetables and we can use such products for our country … Read more

Cold storage machine price

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It’s quite tough to calculate cold storage price. If you are a new business owner, then estimating the cost for cold storage quite impossible. But it’s also true calculating cold storage setup cost is always vital because it needs lots of analysis, research, experience, and skill. Before starting their cold storage business, presently most the … Read more