Cold room price

cold room price

Different food products must maintain their quality until consumption. To do this, it is essential to use a cold room in order to respect the cold chain which consists of keeping them cool. If you want to know the exact cold room price, do not hesitate to contact us at NSSPL.

Let us find more information about the cold room.

What is a cold room?

A cold room is a room that is equipped with a ventilation system to release more or less cold air. Generally, the professionals who use a cold room are those in the restaurant business and those in the agri-food sector.

There are two types of cold rooms: the positive cold room which is used to keep the products fresh and the negative cold room which allows the products to be frozen. Here are the different types of cold rooms intended for professionals.

What is the cold chain?

First of all, a cold chain concerns all of the various refrigeration means that make it possible to optimally store various perishable food and non-food items. Hence the need for a professional cold room in order to maintain this cold chain from their production, their passage through the various distribution chains until their consumption.

The hygiene services are also very strict when it comes to respecting the cold chain. This is why it is essential for professionals to choose, according to their needs, the type of cold room that best suits their activity.

A positive cold room generates cold air whose temperature is above zero degrees. The air generated by a negative cold room is, on the other hand, less than zero. The sectors that most need to use a cold room are: catering, bakery/pastry, pharmaceuticals, individuals, florists, fishmongers, dairy, cheese dairy, etc.

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The two cold room models for professionals to distinguish:

It is necessary to clearly distinguish two models of cold room for professional use. These are the positive cold room and the negative cold room. It should be noted that a negative cold room does not have the same utility as a positive room.

The positive cold room allows you to keep fresh products such as fish, fresh dairy products, cold meats, fruits, and vegetables, but also non-food products such as flowers or laboratory products that do not require storage.

These products generally do not need to be frozen. A positive cold room allows cold air to be blown to ensure they are kept cool and its temperature must be 0 ° C to + 10 ° C.

The negative cold room, on the other hand, allows a longer shelf life of fish or meat. Its temperature below zero (between -18 ° C and -26 ° C) allows optimal conservation. In order to avoid any risk of bacteria proliferation, it is essential to store quickly perishable and delicate foods in a negative cold room.

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Various installation systems and different refrigerant groups:

Professionals can choose between two cold room installation systems. The first system concerns a modular cold room. That is to say, the equipment is not fixed to the floor, making it easier to move the refrigerated chamber. If the establishment wishes to optimize its space, this type of installation suits it best. Each system has a different cold room price.

A prefabricated cold room is intended for professionals who have not planned the location of a cold room in their premises. This is fixed to the ground and cannot be moved. Indeed, it is delivered ready for use and the intervention of a refrigeration engineer is generally not necessary for a start-up.

It should be noted that for a good optimization of the space inside a professional cold room, food shelving shelves are necessary allowing easy access to the food.

The cold rooms must be equipped with a refrigeration unit which is a ventilation system allowing the conservation of foodstuffs. Indeed, this refrigeration unit is essential since it ensures the air blowing and allows to control of the temperature inside the cold room.

Thus, the temperature of a cold room can be lowered or raised as needed. There are two types of refrigeration units intended to equip a cold room: the split unit and the single unit.

The split group is, as the name suggests, made up of two units. One is installed in the cold room and the other outside the premises. As the refrigeration unit is noisy, this model reduces noise pollution as well as the heat it generates.

The monobloc group is generally placed on the wall of the cold room. Its installation is therefore easier.

The prices of these groups differ depending on the model of the cold room that professionals have chosen. Indeed, the first costs more than the second because of its installation which requires the know-how of a professional. Refrigeration units can be negative or positive depending on their application.

What budget to get started?

The cold room price and investment will largely depend on the size of our storage unit. However, it is estimated that such a project could cost between 10,000 and 22,000 USD to install a cold store.

One must also take into account working capital expenses including personnel, payment of utility bills, and promotion costs. The cold room price of the land is an additional investment to be expected. If our capital is low, we can consider buying mobile mini-cold rooms or a number of industrial freezers to start.

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What material or equipment?

In general, the investment includes the acquisition of the land, the construction of the building, the obtaining of authorizations and licenses, water, electricity. In addition, a significant start-up capital must be invested in the purchase of the cold store. You can opt for a 20-foot and 40-foot prefabricated refrigerator in containers or for a unit more suited to your means. Modern, more compact machines and those running on renewable energies are more suited to rural areas. Call us know about the cold room price.

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