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Cold is used in various industrial processes, but its use has been present since man began to preserve his food. However, each product is different, so its treatment varies according to physical and chemical needs and also the cold storage building cost is different. Knowing and applying the cold supply properly guarantees more profitable products with higher quality.

Handling an improper temperature in dairy refrigeration can accelerate microbial activity, resulting in poor quality products.

Taking this aspect into account, we must begin to assess the distribution of the interior and the space that we are going to leave for the maneuverability of the operators. It is important to determine this in advance because the cooling capacity will have to be higher or lower depending on the size.

Taking into account the cold storage building cost, the ideal is to design it based on the capacity that we think we need, since all that remains will be to lose money. In addition, it is also necessary to measure the space we have for construction and the resources available to the client.

Interior design:

We must take into account the space that we are going to leave to maneuver and the places where we are going to be able to store the goods. It will be possible to calculate not only the capacity necessary to acclimatize the room as well as the maximum load on a hot day. The latter is important since it can heat the environment and spoil its temperature. All this has to be known in advance to know the limit and functionality of it.

Once everything has been calculated and detailed, it is possible to work on the distribution of the different refrigeration compressors and calculate the necessary power to always keep it in its optimal state.

In this way, the best way to design a cold store is to know first-hand the intended use of it as well as the space, since in this way the refrigeration variables will change both in one direction and another.

The design is one of the most important parts when creating a cold store, the more variables you control and calculate, the less margin for error you will have and the more difficult it will be to make mistakes. If you found this article interesting and you want to contact us, do not hesitate, we will solve all your doubts!

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The cold chain is a succession of logistics processes with controlled temperature:

It is made up of several stages that constitute the refrigeration or freezing process, which is necessary so that perishable, refrigerated, or frozen products reach the consumer safely.

It is called a “chain” because it includes a whole set of activities that are required to guarantee the quality and safety of a product, from its origin to its use or consumption.

It is only enough that one of the stages of the process is compromised at some point to affect the entire cold chain, damaging the quality and safety of the product.

Regarding the one that is carried out for the handling of dairy products, these, because they are sensitive to heat and light, lose certain nutrients when exposed to them, which ends up affecting their flavor.

To preserve these products, it is necessary to avoid breaking the cold chain. In addition, conservation is directly linked to other aspects, such as the control of entries and exits, to guarantee the rotation of the product and not prolong its storage. Also, with the temperature and humidity control of the storage places, which must be free of cross-contamination and have good ventilation. Regarding the packaging and packaging conditions, the products have to be hermetically sealed and without blows.

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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