Cold storage business cost

Cold storage business cost

Cold rooms for fruits and vegetables are a key element in the conservation and logistics chain. Adapting to different climates, be they the tropical Mediterranean or desert, and ensuring that certain types of fruits are kept in perfect condition for consumption has been a task that has been perfected over time. If you are planning to set up this business, call us and know about the cold storage business cost.

While technology continues to evolve, each time create a cold room that keeps the fruit more efficiently, applying high technology with characteristics that allow a controlled ripening and degreening to maintain the optimal freshness of fruits and vegetables.

For farmers, processors, and distribution chains, fruit refrigeration has allowed us to go further and further, with controlled cold storage business cost and maintaining an adequate quality to be able to reach the fruit bowl of the final consumer with optimal quality.

For this reason, it is of vital importance for the distribution chain to opt for refrigerated conservation of vegetables and vegetables, which may allow preserving these foods in the best possible way and for a longer period.

Cold room for fruit and vegetables: Fruit and Vegetable Sector:

The use of a cold storage chamber for fruit delimits a space where the preservation elements allow the nutrients, flavor, and freshness of the food not to deteriorate at a natural rate.

Controlling oxygen levels, the CO within it which in turn restricts the growth and multiplication of microorganisms or ethylene is key to reducing the oxidation of foods.

The food stored in the storage chamber under controlled temperature is kept fresh for variable periods depending on what type of vegetable it is. And all this is done simply by pressing a button on the front of the chamber, but of course, for this, you need quality horticultural refrigeration facilities in addition to having specific settings, which not only preserve but also allow reducing losses in weight and quality.

The fruit cold room is capable of holding up to 16bar, which is the ideal pressure level to preserve and preserve most vegetables and fruits. It is also capable of reducing humidity levels in the air, thereby discouraging mold growth.

The size of the refrigerated compartment is adaptable according to requirements and several pallets of vegetables can be stored without problems. The device can be powered by an electric current and if the electricity goes out, it is kept on using medium-life batteries.

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Industrial cold installations for fruit and vegetable warehouses:

There are several types of refrigeration systems for fruit and vegetable warehouses including a wide range of vegetable cold rooms, cold storage for vegetables, cold rooms for fruits, modular, pre-cooling rooms for fruits, and cold storage system.

Cold room for greengrocers:

These warehouses are completely controlled by temperature with a hot room for maturation if required and also with cold room chambers, where it is allowed to walk to bustle the merchandise.

The use of this type of refrigerator is so versatile since they are not only used for the business of selling fresh fruits and vegetables, allowing them to preserve prepared dairy products diverse items such as specialized oils, dry products, exotic products and to preserve a wide range of products of the fourth range.

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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