Cold storage business in Algeria

Cold storage business in Algeria

The cold storage business in Algeria is an important part to conserve all kinds of food. Foods that can be perished easily and quickly are required to be in storage facilities. So that, it does not get wasted and destroyed. In Algiers, several large multinational companies that are producing such foods are generally dependent on cold logistics.

There is a high demand for Cold storage business in Algeria and all across the world to preserve the produced food. In earlier times, Technology was not at all advanced.

And thus, they lacked a method to preserve their food, so to eliminate that issue, they used to dig a hole in the ground and kept their food there. But now since the table has turned due to advanced and innovative technology, life has become much easier.

There are many ways to resolve any kind of issues that you are facing with the help of Science. The Cold storage business in Algeria is also growing largely.

Most primary need today:

In Algiers, even the common people require a refrigerator and that has become the most primary need to store the food. It becomes quite hard to manage without a refrigerator. Correct storage allows food to be kept longer and is therefore available regardless of time and season. What needs to be stored and how depends on the food.

In Oran, cold storage is the keeping of perishable goods at low temperatures. Food such as fruit and vegetables in particular, but also cut flowers and tree nursery products, are best stored in a cool place. The aim of the cold storage business in Algeria is to keep the products in fresh condition for as long as possible.

Fruit, vegetables, cut flowers, and tree nursery products are products that consist of living cells. These cells have metabolism and respiration even after the harvest. Due to the low temperature in cold storage, the metabolic processes and the breathing of the cells slow down. This also applies to the microorganisms that contribute to the spoilage of the goods. Therefore, food stays fresh longer at a lower storage temperature

CA storage is a special form of cold storage:

To reduce cellular respiration to a minimum, the required storage temperature must be reached quickly in Constantine. This is usually done in insulated cold rooms or cold stores that are equipped with a refrigeration unit. This device keeps the temperature constant at the set low value. The optimal storage temperature for most horticultural products is between 0 ° C and + 5 ° C.

CA is the abbreviation for the Controlled Atmosphere. With this type of storage, the goods are stored in airtight refrigerated rooms. The composition of the air in these rooms is artificially changed so that it contains less oxygen and more carbon dioxide. This delays the ripening of some types of fruit.

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The main purpose of storing food:

The main purpose of storing food is to be able to supply food in the short, medium, and long term. The food is stored in such a way that it does not spoil prematurely. Every food has different requirements for its optimal storage location.

In Tlemcen, it is noticed that food spoils due to physical, biochemical, chemical, and microbiological changes as well as to pest infestation. Microbial spoilage is caused by bacteria and yeast. They make food either rot or ferment. Pathogenic microorganisms form substances that are harmful to humans – even without spoiling the food.

Whether and how quickly microorganisms multiply in food depends on the temperature, water activity, pH value, and oxygen content of the food. The initial germ content on the food and the temperature during storage is of greatest importance here.

Physical causes are cold, warmth, or moisture: Salad becomes withered or bread dries out. Biochemical changes are triggered by enzymes that are present in the food.

This can be over a very wide temperature range between 30 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius Vitamins, coloring, and flavoring substances are broken down. Chemical spoilage is triggered by chemical reactions of food ingredients, promoted by external factors such as air and light: fat becomes rancid.

Cold storage facility for dairy products:

Along with the above-mentioned food, Dairy products are also stored. Since dairy products get spoils easily, it becomes necessary to store them in cold storage to supply them everywhere. This food requires a special controlled temperature.

The cold storage business in Algeria requires fresh, perishable food to be stored at temperatures between 0 ° C and 14 ° C. In a conventional refrigerator, food is stored at 4 ° C to 8 ° C, in a multi-zone refrigerator at almost 0 ° C.

The cell metabolism of the food slows down, microorganisms grow more slowly and enzymatic and chemical spoilage is delayed. For most foods, the optimal storage temperature in the refrigerator is close to the freezing point. Meat and fish products are stored even longer at temperatures around -2 ° C in the so-called “super chilling” area.

Many foods require different temperatures. Not all foods can be stored at the same temperature. For this reason, the foods should be sorted according to their temperature requirements.

The right packaging protects the food from drying out and contamination with germs. Opened packs, in particular, should be stored covered and the contents of cans transferred to appropriate containers. Furthermore, older packs should be placed in front and fresh ones in the back. Sorting food according to product groups reduces the germ load.

Cold storage business in Algeria:

In the Cold storage business in Algeria, deep-freezing offers a good way to keep food longer, but here too the different maximum storage times should be observed: meat three to twelve months, vegetables six to twelve months, fruit eight to twelve months, and ready-made meals up to three months.

The freshness of the starting product, the packaging as well as the storage temperature and humidity affect the shelf life of the various food groups.

Raw meat and fish are very delicate foods. Maintaining the cold chain by immediately placing them in the refrigerator is particularly important for these products.

They should be stored in the coldest place, near the refrigerator evaporator. This is usually located directly above the fruit and vegetable compartment.

It is also important to ensure that contact with other foods is avoided. The packaging material should also be disposed of immediately without coming into contact with other foodstuffs. Raw meat and fish should always be bought fresh and should not be stored for long.

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