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The Refrigerated storage industries include companies that operate storage and refrigerated warehousing facilities. If you are already aware of this and if you want to start your own Cold Storage Business in Benin, do not miss to read the following post till the end.

At Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we offer a comprehensive service to those clients who are interested in Cold Storage Business in Benin.

Our refrigerated doors are built in a wide range of measures, which adapts to a market with high demands and gives flexibility to the manufacturing response, allowing continuous improvements and quality levels to match each need.

Doors for refrigerators:

Refrigerating doors constitute an essential apparatus in the conception and realization of a refrigeration installation. The whole range of solutions for cold rooms in terms of doors can be found in our catalog.

Diversity of doors, measures, and materials for any cold room:

NSSPL is one of the leading companies in the installation and distribution of cold storage doors of all kinds in Porto-Novo. Innovation in products and services allows us, every year, to undertake very notable improvements. Those are adapted to the needs of improvement and implantation of the market and of the new types of industries that demand increasingly demanding and imaginative solutions. The high level of product quality and one of the best value for money allows us to maintain a predominant position in our market.

All our models on the web:

In our different sections of this website, you will find each of the refrigeration doors that we have available, with its characteristics, benefits, and specific uses. They all are can be measured and fully downloadable and usable technical sheets, available, so that each project can have a solution in each need.

Environmental situation and measures of the cold stores:

It is very important to be able to know of each door, both the use that is going to be given to it, the opening needs, the working temperature, and the closing system.

Also, while setting up a Cold Storage Business in Benin, it is necessary to measure, each door in our catalog has its composition and general characteristics described, the type of closure that can be adapted, the frame included, the coatings and finishes of each element, the thicknesses, the necessary hardware, the options, etc.

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All our models are very easy to assemble and time is reduced to a minimum. thanks to the frame system with thermal bridge breaks, with corresponding savings. Designs aimed at obtaining the best sealing in your refrigeration installation. Our system guarantees you great durability.

Floors for Modular Cold Rooms:

On any occasion, the leveling of the floor, for modular cameras, has to be very precise. The way in which we are going to build the cold room and logically the final use to which it is intended will determine the type of floor and finish to be installed.

Modular cameras can be installed on smooth floors in Djougou. Or on construction floors when the operating temperature is positive, taking into account that if there is a lower floor, parking type, etc., we must insulate it to avoid condensation.

While setting up Cold Storage Business in Benin, the freezing chambers are always equipped with soil to prevent fracture of the floor by freezing, mounting natural or forced air ducting systems. Installing some electrical resistance or installing pipes that conduct water with glycol. These are the three most commonly used systems in the construction of floors for modular freezing chambers.

On the other hand, all modular cameras that are located on mezzanines must incorporate a floor panel system. Care must be taken that the slab perfectly supports the weight that it is going to receive with the installation of the cold room and its stowed product.

NSSPL presents a wide variety of food-grade non-slip floors that allow it to adapt to different loads, as well as to the intensive use of trolleys.

In its standard version in Cotonou, the floor is presented with a non-slip PVC finish and, as an option, made of birch phenolic resin with great water repellency. The floors can also be reinforced with stainless steel or aluminum checkerboard of the highest quality and resistance.

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Modular Cold Room Ceilings:

The roofs of the modular cold rooms are self-supporting in Bohicon. Cameras up to 4 meters do not produce the dreaded warping due to the nature of the panels themselves, which, with their importance, guarantee the suitability of the installation.

Depending on the measures used, it must be assessed whether the elements of the refrigeration equipment can be housed in the upper part of the ceiling or not.

For cameras that exceed 4 meters and up to 6 meters long, the ceiling panels must be fastened to omega which in turn must be attached to a rectangular profile placed transversely to the mounting direction of the ceiling panel itself.

These omegas must be anchored right at the panel-to-panel junction, to guarantee the non-mobility of the roof. And better support the possible weight of the roof itself, finally avoiding the unwanted warping effect in Abomey.

For modular Cold Storage Business in Benin, that exceeds 6 meters in length, the ceilings must be fixed to porticoes or purlins of the warehouse.

This system is created from the union, by means of tensioners, which are attached at one end to the portico or a beam of the warehouse or building and. At the other end, to the profile that acts as a support beam for the ceiling of the chamber.

After the installation of this system in Natitingou, the entire structure must be tensioned and thus the ceiling of the cold room must be firmly fixed.

The distance between tensioners on the same profile should not exceed 2 meters between one and the other, to guarantee the suitability and correct resistance of the assembly.

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This tensioner installation should be reviewed every 6 months to guarantee the correct structure of the modular chamber.

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Yogesh Dahiya

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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