Cold Storage Business in Burkina Faso

Cold Storage Business In burkina faso

Cold Storage Business in Burkina Faso is the new trend today as refrigerated shipments for eCommerce are booming in Ouagadougou as well as in the entire African countries.

One of the great challenges nowadays is in the constant search on the part of all the large chains of the On-Line trade, to try to enter the food distribution. This is forcing intermediaries to search and find new methods, to preserve food without the need for refrigeration.

Within the news related to the cold sector, at an international level, we have detected that in the last two years, a very unique scientific advance is being worked on. A scientific advance that can be used by all the large food distribution chains and that You can talk about future possibilities, still unexplored.

Although research and studies are in many cases in very embryonic stages in Boulkiemde, we could say that the project already has a very important area in advance, which aims to offer, in a safe way, a method that allows the preservation of food under vacuum, but with a useful life of at least one year.

In Cold Storage Business in Burkina Faso, the large food distribution chains have set themselves as one of their main objectives, to reach the home marketing of food.

In Banwa, that would need to have the stock more reliably and permanently, avoiding risks of losses due to expiration and deterioration, facilitate a very simple distribution.

And not have to think about breaks in the dreaded cold chain, ultimately avoid saving large amounts of outlay and investment in cold rooms, for the preservation of food. And being able to store them and distribute them, without the need for cold, for at least about 350 days.

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MATS: Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization

But what is this technology about and how could it be implemented in Mouhoun?

Although this technology is not new, since the North American army had already been using it for some years, studies carried out in Europe have yielded encouraging results with very significant advances to the point. Today, large food distribution companies in other European countries are developing serious market studies using innovative pioneering methods in conservation in the absence of cold.

Although, as we mentioned before, research on this model began a decade ago in the United States, in search of the nutritional well-being of its troops, in missions outside their country. It was the University of Washington State who devoted more resolutely to work on studies and research, becoming the center of the development of this technology.

Such technology has become known as “Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization” or “MATS” for its acronym, and is launched in the North American market by the research company, “915 Labs”.

The process of Cold Storage Business in Burkina Faso is to try to summarize it as simply as possible, would consist of “sealing” the food packages hermetically in high-pressure water. And then exposing them for several minutes to a process in a specific microwave, prepared for this process.

In Bobo-Dioulasso, the main basis of the process is based on the quality obtained by this method since using this vacuum conservation a shorter exposure time is achieved. And this in turn means more conservation of nutrients and quality in the products offered. Current techniques require at least an hour to process.

PATS: Pressure Assisted Thermal Sterilization:

What advantages does this technology provide for food preservation in Kossi?

In the United States, work is done on the economic side, while in Europe quality ratios are sought, this implies, in a very summarized way, that the large North American food chains are looking for profitability and service ratios. While in other parts of the world, companies are looking for optimal product quality ratios

Development companies are considering the idea of ​​combining microwave heat treatment with Pressure Assisted Thermal Sterilization (PATS) technology to further reduce. If possible, the possible deterioration of the taste of food and its nutrients, when subjected to a conventional heat treatment.

While working towards this objective, studies have been carried out in which micro-oxygen could be added. That, together with aseptic packaging technology, would achieve true stability in dry storage outside of a cold room. That is, at room temperature. It is intended to provide the consumers of the future with the packaged foods they want.

While setting up Cold Storage Business in Burkina Faso,terms of supply and logistics, food chains plan to compete on a large scale with the preservation of ready-to-eat food at any time without preparing or having to process it. In addition to being able to store for a year, without added salts, without chemicals or preservatives, without losing nutrients, in short, a meal free of processes that degrade the benefits of fresh food.

But, from our point of view, the great competitive advantage would lie in the NO need to use a cold room for maintenance, which would cause strong competition to foods that require refrigeration and the use of cold chains.

We could value it as a historical advance in the treatment of food and, logically, the large food distribution chains have been interested in this process.

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Important R&D Path:

We must be sincere and recognize that this project still has a very important R & D path to go.

But in Asian countries, are beginning to consider this technology as an excellent alternative, since, for some of them, it is complicated and expensive to operate. And maintain efficient cold chain logistics, since they lack the serious infrastructure necessary to maintain food in cold rooms, and refrigerated logistics are very expensive.

While setting up a Cold Storage Business in Burkina Faso, the idea of ​​the “large food distributors” is to be able to offer ready-made dishes, of high quality, easy to store, and, above all, without temperature losses in deliveries. They could work more competitively with the price factor, since their great rival, food take away, as is currently requested in restaurants. Its weakest point is through deliveries, being, therefore, a factor of added value to make these shipments at home.

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