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What are the types of cold rooms

The need to preserve food through cold storage in Kolwezi is something that is taken for granted in today’s society. Although not only are the traditional cold stores, the most common methods of food preservation, it is also necessary to know cameras that have other tasks.

If you are planning to set up your own Cold Storage Business in Congo, you are here at the right place. In this article, we will try to explain what a controlled atmosphere chamber consists of and how and in which cases it can be used.

The controlled atmosphere in food preservation:

In Kinshasa, a controlled atmosphere is a technique used to preserve food. To try to explain it quickly and very briefly, the indoor environment is controlled by reducing the oxygen level and increasing the CO2 level.

This technique has its origin in the decade of the 30s of the last century and it was the maritime transport ships that began to be applied on a regular basis.

In Cold Storage Business in Congo, the method spread very quickly as it was cheap and the need was sought for a means of keeping goods and food fresh on very long journeys across the sea. As a consequence of the development, the method was optimized to give rise to the techniques existing today, which allow us to achieve an almost perfect controlled atmosphere.

This technique is based on an extremely simple principle to understand. An enclosure is closed where it is intended to recreate a certain type of climate and the atmosphere of the enclosure is intervened, modifying the distribution of the composition of the gases within the chamber.

It was learned in Mbandaka, that if applications of environmental variables were made, such as humidity, temperature, and air circulation, very promising results were obtained.

This technique, today, is used almost fully, especially in the intervention of the ripening of many horticultural products. It has been known for many centuries that the action of the atmosphere on the evolution of the fruit is more important for the preservation process of the products than the action of the cold itself on the fruits and vegetables.

All this allows the modification in Kananga, in a significant way, of the ripening process of the fruit and vegetables, managing to reduce losses due to the deterioration of the final product.

The effect is significantly immediate, once the fruit is taken out of the chamber into a normal atmosphere, the ripening and decomposition processes will resume as if they had not been in the chamber itself.

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How the process is done?

In the intervention of this technique in Brazzaville, specific machinery is used. On the one hand, a nitrogen generator is installed which in turn is connected to a gas controller that injects directly into the chamber and regulates the amount of gas to be introduced into it, depending on the atmosphere at each moment.

On the other hand, two scrubbers are installed, one of them for CO2 and the other for ethylene. Temperature and relative humidity controllers are also established in order to know at any time both parameters, which are extremely essential in the process of food deterioration.

What Applications does a controlled atmosphere chamber have?

In a controlled atmosphere chamber, there are multiple applications, although most of them are oriented to the ripening of fruits and vegetables and in the rest of cases to the specific preservation of some foods.

Therefore, the objective is that the product reaches the customer in a similar or artificially created state for his vision before the customer so that his presence “enters through the eyes”. But the key question is what is expected of this technique? We could say that the answers are essentially four:

  • Adaptation of treatment to the needs of “presence” in each product. Since, by being able to regulate the parameters in the chamber, it can be adapted to perfectly preserve food, despite the fact that different types are stored each time.
  • In Cold Storage Business in Congo, make sure to improve the quality of conservation. It is more than proven that the quality with which the products are preserved is much higher than with other systems that pursue the same objective.
  • It allows achieving fungicidal or insecticidal effects in the product. By creating a hostile environment for some living beings, effects on food are achieved similar to those of fungicides, but, in this case, avoiding the intervention with chemical products on them.
  • It accelerates the maturation or, prolongs the conservation of the food. This is given by the great capacity of regulation that intervenes in these cameras. Optimal conditions can be regulated so that it matures before its time or to keep it in the same state.
Monitoring and control of cold storages:

In the Cold Storage Business in Congo, this is one of the important parts. At present, investment in the monitoring of the installation has become an essential tool to obtain a continuous improvement of energy management, real optimization, and savings in the consumption of the facilities.

If what we want is to focus on the energy efficiency of an installation, we must not forget the control of the real behavior of the installation itself, and that, over time, it is parameterized and readjusted so that it works at every moment of the installation in a more efficient way in Mbuji-Mayi.

It should not be overlooked that technological advances and innovations offer the market increasingly efficient products but in terms of energy savings. In Cold Storage Business in Congo, cold storage is not only dependent on the individual components but is achieved by managing the installation as a whole. Therefore, having good efficient equipment and optimizing the installation is the key to success.

Values ​​such as technical knowledge, objective vision, and understanding of each cold storage system and conditions become key and essential factors to ensure that the operation of a facility is the most efficient.

The customer must bear in mind that, in order to optimize the operation of any cold storage, the installation must be evaluated, projected, and undertaken by highly qualified companies, since, without these factors, the desired savings will not be achieved.

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