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Are you planning to start a Cold Storage Business In Djibouti? If yes, then you are here at the right place. In the below guide, we will learn a lot of things about cold storage.

According to the report: in developing countries, losses amount up to 50%, mainly in tropical products; while in developed countries, they reach close to 10%.

For the expert in Ali Sabieh, Djibouti is one of the development indicators of a country, as it is involved in the economy, marketing, and the economic future.

The appropriate technological means for the cold chain to be carried out, from beginning to end, largely depend on the level of technological development of the different countries or regions linked by it.

This explains that in world reports on the subject, losses of the order of 10% are established in industrialized countries; while in developing nations they are 60% or more.

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These percentages, applied to the total amount of food produced in the world (more than 4 billion tons), give an idea of the need for the cold chain on a global scale. The use of cold appears like a basic pillar in the organization of consumption in the developed world, in such a way that approximately 40% of the foods that make up the diet of these countries use cold in one way or another.

The cold chain is so important in each of these countries that the electrical energy consumed by it can be of the order of 5% of all that consumed.

In Dikhil, it is estimated that 0.5 m3 of refrigerated space is available, per inhabitant, in a developed country, of which 30% is at the primary level (department stores) and the remaining 70% is at the commercial level, points of sale and domestic refrigerators.

According to the specialist, the high technological dependence on refrigeration infrastructure, as well as the scarce information regarding the tolerance between temperature-time for local products, makes the cold chain only applicable for exportation.

The commercialization and transport of perishable products are carried out under conditions that are not always efficient; large losses and high costs are characteristic from production to consumption.

According to conservative estimates, about 45% of the national production of fruits and vegetables is lost due to deficiencies in storage and transportation. For meat, fish, and dairy products, the information is not precise, but they also present serious problems due to the inefficiency of the marketing methods.

In perishable products, the cold storage business in Djibouti logistics operations is 45 to 50%. Conservative calculations indicate that currently the refrigerator capacity or index is approximately 0.006.

Reports affirm that most of the cold storage business in Djibouti, which currently operate within the country, are multipurpose and are designed to preserve all kinds of products in a wide temperature range.

In addition to this, the basic design and construction standards have not been taken into account. It often happens that the premises intended to be cold stores are built as if they were to have another use. In few cases, appropriate technological concepts have been applied to make its operation more efficient. The development of refrigeration requires continuous advances that make processes more precise.

For the engineers, automation in the links is necessary, a search for environmentally friendly refrigerants, the optimization of equipment and components to achieve maximum energy efficiencies. The application of appropriate technologies to users, as well as a search for methods according to indigenous products, the optimization of industrial processes with specialized applications, and complex quality assurance, with the appropriate use of refrigeration technologies.

In any case, the conservation, storage, and refrigerated transport of food in Tadjoura pursues economic, commercial, and social objectives, since it contributes to:

– Extend the useful life

– Have products at any time of the year

– Integrate distant markets

– Regular supply-demand of products

– Facilitate housework

– Promote a new food culture

Make possible the preservation of perishable products:

Make possible the preservation of perishable products at different levels, from production or capture to distribution and consumption, ensuring the food supply to all populations. In this way, experts affirm – thanks to the improvement in food safety, the development of new equipment and tools in the sector, health is promoted, and, finally, food hygiene increases.

In the United States, the Secretary of Agriculture declared that pathogens in meat caused four thousand deaths and five million illnesses per year, for six billion dollars. In this case, refrigeration plays a decisive role in increasing health, by promoting the reduction of diseases caused by food contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms.

In the agricultural sector, the cold storage business in Djibouti is basic for the handling of crops, special packaging and container needs, product presentation, internal market and export possibilities, and the control of the ripening process, according to the possibilities of sale.

The cold storage business in Djibouti touches various links in the economy, but not only that but also directly intervenes in maintaining the nutritional characteristics of products, protecting consumers, improving the quality of products by reducing the proliferation of harmful bacteria and pathogens. 

In general, it increases the profitability of producers and stabilizes prices to consumers; reduces public health problems, and guarantees supply at a non-harvest time.

However, the engineer points out, there are still bad habits in the handling of perishables, in convenience stores where they are supposed to know how to handle the chain in Cold Storage Business In Djibouti.

Thus, there are various mechanisms to identify alterations, mismanagement, or rupture. Innovative development in academic research is the one that seems to be announced as an effective and simple alternative to avoid the risks that a break in the cold chain implies.

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cold storage machinery

Freezing requires a lot of attention:

The last links in the cold chain, point of sale and home, are those that require a lot of attention and vigilance so that the products do not suffer alterations.

While there is no health risk if frozen products are stored longer than designated in Obock, the taste, and quality gradually deteriorate. If food is not eaten the same day it is purchased, it can be kept for one day in the refrigerator and three days in the freezer.

If when the food arrives at the home, they have suffered a beginning of thawing, they should be consumed the same day or at the most the next day. Defrosting in the home will not be done in a hot place; on the contrary, it is advisable to do it inside the refrigerator itself. It is the last link in the cold chain.

As for freezing in Arta, it is possible to say that you can freeze everything if you follow a few simple rules to obtain the greatest efficiency:

– Food that is in perfect condition should be frozen.

– Before freezing, if a large quantity is to be frozen, the freezer will be adjusted to the lowest temperature (two hours before), reducing this time proportionally to smaller quantities of food.

– Products must be kept clean and wrapped moisture and vapor-proof.

– The duration of the frozen ones varies according to the time values ​​indicated in the table.

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