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Are you planning to set up your own Cold Storage Business in Madagascar? If yes, Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  is going to give you the best guidance. Here we are going to talk about the floors and accessories which you will need in the setup.

Cold store floors and floors:

In this section of our website, we are going to introduce ourselves in the section of the floor for each specific cold storage in Toliara. At NSSPL, we offer two alternatives: the installation of epoxy resin floors and floors based on the placement and installation of the antacid plate.

Within the project in Antananarivo that is carried out for a refrigeration installation and more precisely the design for its specific use, the conception of the floor is going to be given, essentially by the use of the enclosure to which it is going to be used. Normally, in facilities where there will only be stored, be it in refrigeration chambers or freezer chambers, the installation of the floor does not require a very explicit treatment since it is not going to handle just goods, but only to store.

Epoxy Resin Floor:

In Toamasina, epoxy resin floors are preferably designed for industrial and handling uses that require high levels of cleaning, minimal levels of slippage. And that can receive spills of possible traces of chemical products with a certain corrosive level.

While setting up Cold Storage Business in Madagascar for pharmaceutical, food processing, or manufacturing companies and facilities, in clean storages, etc,they are suitable for the installation of this type of flooring that requires at all times a very special treatment that we will detail in their corresponding section, in addition to providing a final color finish according to the client’s needs or wishes.

The antacid platelet floors are floors from the world of extruded porcelain floors. They have intrinsic characteristics to their construction such as a high degree of resistance to aggressive chemical agents. They must be very easy to clean and hygienic maintenance and a high level of anti-slip, since the passage of people and machinery of a certain weight, goes to be very high.

Characteristics of the Flooring for Cold Storages:

The floors withstand low temperatures in a very durable way, especially in Antsirabe in freezing areas at -20 º C. Therefore, the parameters that will determine their use will be conditioned by the needs of anti-slip and, on the other hand, the needs of rolling and impact resistance that the area of ​​possible installation will have.

While setting up Cold Storage Business in Madagascar,aesthetics will also play a very determining factor since the favorable visual evolution that these types of floors have had in recent times has been very well received by the market.

Soil maintenance:

The maintenance of this type of floor is extraordinarily economical, it complies with all the sanitary requirements demanded in the agri-food industry in general.

They are widely used in the dairy sector industries and the bottling plants of beverages for human consumption. They broadly meet the values ​​provided for industrial flooring, complying with the regulations, regarding its section on safety of use. That is against risks due to falls, according to tests with the standard.

Cold storage accessories:

Cold storage accessories are a very important part of the entire construction of this type of enclosure. The most commonly used are Cold store alarms, cold store shelves, cold store luminaires, sandwich panel protections, finishes and profiles for cold stores, pressure valves for cold stores.

Specific protections for panels and cold storages:

The specific protections for panels and the general protections that are used in Mahajanga while installations and buildings destined for refrigeration installations are manufactured with a particular treatment. We need the use of specific materials within each use to which the chamber or enclosure is to be destined that houses it.

The rest will be additional elements that are installed inside the cold stores and that will be given by the needs of interior storage. The use or movement of people or goods, avoid risks in interior facilities, comply with sanitary regulations, avoid differences of external/internal pressure due to temperature differences or risks of own traffic in all facilities.

General cooling protections:

The protections for panels and the general protections that are used in these Cold Storage Business in Madagascar are intended to make the panels last and protect the useful life. In addition to helping the facilities to be well maintained.

The floor protection in the floor/wall junction help to avoid the deterioration produced mainly by the mechanical means available for the transport of goods, such as pallet trucks, mechanical bulls, transport carts, and avoid unnecessary deterioration of weaker areas due to own construction.

In many cases, legal security requirements require the implementation of preventive measures and these protections collaborate in a very important part of these legal obligations as they allow compliance with business exploitation regulations.

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Other cold storage accessories:

In the rest of the additional accessories, the shelves allow, for example, the best use of the volume of our cameras to take advantage of the storage logically and appropriately. The luminaires allow a perfect adaptation to the safety and visibility conditions.

The finish fulfills a double or triple function, which on the one hand can be legal, such as sanitary half-reeds, the essential pieces for the roof construction structure, such as the supports and ceiling suspension profiles. And the rest of the protections can fulfill a preventive function such as wall protections to avoid blows that deform the panel.

Pedestrian floors used in modular cold rooms:

Pedestrian floor with a static resistance (when standing still) of 2000kg / m2 but in a uniformly distributed way, its dynamic resistance. On the contrary, is only 400 kg on four wheels as long as they do not have a metallic component, but rubber or plastic.

Overlapping Reinforced Floor, which is built from a 2/4 or 3/5 type non-slip aluminum laminate and pattern traditionally known as checkerboard sheet. The static resistance of this type of protection reaches up to 6000 kg / m2 and in dynamics between 400 and 1000kg on four wheels as long as they do not have a metal component, but rather rubber or plastic.

If you are planning to set up your Cold Storage Business in Madagascar in Fianarantsoa, do not hesitate to contact us at NSSPL.

Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh Dahiya

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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