Cold Storage Business In rwanda

Cold Storage Business In rwanda

If you are looking for a one-time investment opportunity in business, then cold storage business will be the best option. Cold storage is the business where you can keep all vegetables and fruits for a long time. It never damages your seasonal fruits because it includes an adjustable temperature control system. if you are planning to open Cold Storage Business In Rwanda, then NSSPL is the best option. I provide you guarantee of that. I will work with you in the field and guide you and provide the proper advice you need. My main aim is to set up more cold storage plants and chilling plants in Rwanda.

Is Rwanda is the best country for cold storage?

Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in East Africa. Here you will find different types of business opportunities like manufacturing, food processing, food delivery, car manufacturing, etc. But due to the lack of proper cold storage business, every year the wastage of vegetables and fresh fruits is quite high. Here, different types of food products crop, and the wastage ratio is also too high. So, setting up cold storage is always helps to reduce the wastage of foods. It helps to extend the market and grow the business. Cold Storage Business In Rwanda is very important now.

What are the factors that need to follow?

If you want to set up a cold storage room, then there are several points you have to consider like first, you need to understand what type of cold storage will be profitable for you in Rwanda. Second, the demand for cold storage, appropriate location, and budget. As cold storage rooms need a one-time investment so budget is very important. You can take a loan from a government-authorized bank as well. To know more details always consult with us. My company NSSPL is always ready to provide you best support for establishing Cold Storage Business In Rwanda. 

Cold storage is always important because it decreases perishable commodity wastage. Demand for packaged and process fruit is always high and cold storage here plays an important role.

What are the benefits of the cold storage business? Cold storage always helps to reduce the wastage of fruits and vegetables. Whether you will choose Nyagatare city or any other city like Gitarama for cold storage set up, I am always ready for that. People can be used cold storage to keep vaccines and medicines. Due to the cold storage system, off-season farm products are available throughout the year at affordable rates. It also helps to deliver remunerative prices to farmers. Customers can choose packaged and process food always. If you set up Cold Storage Business In Rwanda, you will be able to earn more profit.

Cold Storage Business in Sudan

What will be the investment cost?

The initial cost of investment is very high if you compare with other business. There are m several fields where people need to invest their money like license, land acquisition, construction of cold storage business, obtaining permission, water, etc. Another important factor is you need to invest a large amount to purchase a proper cooling machine as per your business type.

Cost of investment based on the following factors….

  • cooling machine price
  • purchase or rent land price
  • government license price
  • different bills which you need to pay like
  • Water, electricity, and other related materials.
  • professional, experienced people required for cold storage rooms
  • need to monitor daily capital and expenditure
  • Advertisement and promotional and marketing details.

Professional advice is very important

Professional advice is very important because without professional advice you may take the wrong decision or you may lose your hard-earned money. To set up Cold Storage Business In Rwanda, proper guidance and knowledge are very important. You have to understand the market, location; you have to understand the air conditioner, price, and you need to make different important documents for a license, subsidy, and loan. If you don’t take any expert team or advice for this purpose, you will not able to complete the project. If you wish, you can build a cold storage room at Musanze.

I, Yogesh Dahiya, is having 25+ years of experience in this field and I have already successfully established more than 160+ chilling plants and cold storage rooms all over the world. There are several countries where I already established large and medium-size cold storage rooms. In Africa, I have already strong knowledge and skills to set up cold storage. So, if you are thinking about Cold Storage Business In Rwanda, contact us now. I have a team of experts, who are guide you and prepare documents, searching the land for you, visit different concern departments for your cold storage license, electricity, etc. choose any remote city or populated city we will guide you throughout. You can choose Bukavum city for cold storage.

Save your money

Setting a cold storage room is always expensive and it requires huge fund. But the proper plan, financial analysis, and professional skills can help you to save your unnecessary expenses. we will help you to find out authentic supplier and dealer in Rwanda city so it saves your money and time both. They also provide you some discounts which you will not get from other local party and provide also best service because they are connected with us. Proper guidance help to establish Cold Storage Business In Rwanda always.

if you want to set up cold storage in the capital of this country, then we can assist you to set up at Kigali. Here you will find a good transportation system, proper market, and advanced technology. You can choose a remote area or market area for setting cold storage. The Cold Storage Business In Rwanda always requires proper support.

Find the best deal from us. We are always ready to provide you best support for cold storage setup. Contact us to know more details or you can visit my website. Once you set your cold storage, you will be able to gain more profit and long-term profit.

Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh Dahiya

The Managing Director of Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd is known for his expertise in setting up cold storage, chilling plants and food processing units.

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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