Cold Storage Business in South Sudan

Cold Storage Business in South Sudan

South Sudan is also known as the Republic of South Sudan. This is the 54th independent country in Africa. The country is very small and here very limited business opportunities available. Some popular businesses available already here are farming, manufacturing, processing, etc. If you are planning to open a business in Sudan, then a cold storage business in Sudan will be the best option. In this country, due to lack of cold storage room, every year many fruits and vegetables become wastages. So, implement different types of cold storage businesses in Sudan and implement it.

Though fruits and vegetables are produced according to seasons, they have demand throughout the year. Due to this demand in the market, Cold Storage Business In South Sudan was implemented and it helps to save the life of perishable items and reduce food spoilage. Now, the cold storage solution is an important part of the storage solution and it has many benefits, and the importance of cold storage is also huge! If you implement Cold Storage Business In South Sudan, you will be able to grab the perishable food items! Those who already doing business with perishable food items will keep their products in your cold storage for the long term.

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Cold storage

Types of cold storage

There are different types of cold storage rooms and places you can implement. You can choose cold storage for a single product or you can choose for multiple products. Now, which cold storage room will be better in Sudan country, which types of cold storage has high demand, you have to know all these first! Market analysis is very important and it plays an important role as well. If you don’t have much idea then consult with me, Yogeshdahiya. I am having 25+ years of experience in this cold storage field and I know the market demand of African countries. You can choose any location within south Sudan where you can get proper resources to establish cold storage, like choose Yei or any other location.

I have strong knowledge regarding cold storage business worldwide and I can suggest you make suitable Cold Storage Business In South Sudan which helps to provide profit. In Sudan, there are some places, where you can implement cold storage business. Choose any type of cold storage business as per your need and requirement. I can help you to establish successfully a cold storage business with proper backup accessories. As I have years of experience in this field I can suggest you, advise you, help you to find the proper resources from different part of the world

Why cold storage business?

In South Sudan, there are many places where due to lack of cold storage, many fruits and vegetables are wasted every year. If you will implement cold storage business in South Sudan, it helps to reduce wastage, and people throughout the year will get their favorite vegetables. Business owners and companies can keep products short-term and long-term in the cold storage unit. If you run this Cold Storage Business In South Sudan with proper guidance, you will be able to achieve high profits in long term. It helps to increase ROI within few years and you will be able to gain more profit. Choose Malakal or any other city within south Sudan to make a cold storage room.

Things to consider before building cold storage

Cold Storage Business In South Sudan country is very important because due to lack of this many fruits and vegetables yearly wasted here. It has many benefits as well.

Before building cold storage in south Sudan, there are several factors you have to consider…

Choose proper location  

 Yes, location is very important and proper location helps to grow the business. Cold storage must be in a place where people can easily transport or communicate. During food loading and unloading, space is required. If you will create cold storage near the airport or road then transportation can be done very simply. You can build cold storage in Torit city because here till now there is no large cold storage situated.

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Cold storage Business in Wau

Electricity also important 

To set up a cold storage room, electricity plays an important part. You have to calculate how much electricity your cold storage can consume monthly and yearly approx. You have to apply for electricity from the Sudan government and you have to provide all the documents for business properly. Establish cold storage in Wau because here you will find a good transportation system.

Budget plan

Before starting to build Cold Storage Business In South Sudan, you have to make a budget for how much you may need to invest for business. Whether you need a loan or you can start your business with cash in hand. You have to consult with an experienced consultant for this purpose because as I have years of experience in this field I can help you to calculate the budget and this helps to establish your Cold Storage Business In South Sudan properly.

Backup resources 

Suppose if the power will cut then what happens? As cold storage is a completely air-tight area, if the power will cut, then all the fruits and vegetables and process meat in the storage room will spoil within few hours. So, always you have to prepare backup support which helps during a power cut or any worse situation. Do you know what type of generator or other resources you would buy for your storage room? If not, consult with us. I can help you to build a professional cold storage room. Whether you want to establish cold storage in Juba or any other area, I can assist you with every step.

Visit my website or company website to understand how my company will work for our clients and how we help our customers in setting up Cold Storage Business In South Sudan. Consult with us, we will guide you at each step so that you will never take any wrong decision for this. Follow each step and establish a successful business always. Grab the best deal the online now! Find the best solution from us. Visit my website or blog site to know more details and aware more information about the cold storage business.

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Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh Dahiya

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