Cold Storage Business in Togo

Cold Storage Business in Togo

Cold Storage Business in Togo is a one-time business investment where the initial investment can be on the higher side, but the returns are on a long-term basis if we compare it with other small and SME businesses.

Construction of industrial cold rooms:

The construction of cold stores for industrial use is a very important section within the actions carried out by Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  in the market. We have been carrying out installations of all kinds for years and for any sector, whether commercial or industrial.

In Lome, our job consists of intervening in the design of the project, from our technical office to passing through the supply of materials, the complete installation of the industrial cold room, as well as the realization of the most important construction solutions.

We provide all its rigor in data collection tasks and in the rethinking of the installation, all of which is extremely important, for the most correct execution of each refrigeration installation. For this reason, before each project design, the situation is studied and several possibilities are considered since the materials can vary.

NSSPL complies with all regulations and certificates, which means that it can offer the customer a product guarantee since the main objective is that the customer is satisfied and trusts the products that we offer.

General Characteristics:

  • Our job consists of intervening in the design of the project from our technical office.
  • Supply of materials.
  • Complete installation of the industrial cold room, as well as the realization of the most important construction solutions.
  • Guaranteed industrial cold room construction process

In Sokode, the different stages in which it intervenes in this construction process of its cold room, we make available to the client, multidisciplinary professionals who design, execute, and coordinate each of the phases of the work.

In this sense, NSSPL can guarantee you great quality, control, and safety in setting up your Cold Storage Business in Togo and the tightest execution times for your industrial refrigeration installation.

All this is achieved through its highly qualified human team that actively participates in the execution of each project and knows the engineering services of each client.

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We provide experience and technical knowledge:

While setting up your Cold Storage Business in Togo, we are aware of the particularities of each industrial sector in which industrial cold rooms are used, providing experience and technical knowledge in each installation. In other words, the most qualified professionals will be supervising each construction process of the chamber, from the choice of materials, security, machinery to logistics.

Meat industries, fruit and vegetable industries, production and extraction of dairy products and derivatives are booming in Aflao.

Farms, bread, frozen doughs, and bakery and pastry industries of mass consumption, fish industries, and their derivatives are one of the industries which are in high demand in Atakpame.

In Dapaong, cold stores and logistics centers for stay and distribution, clean rooms, clean rooms, clad-rack warehouses, collective catering and hospitality facilities, large wholesale or retail distribution chains, are some of the facilities already carried out by us.

We always respect the environment. We use materials that are not harmful such as Sandwich panels and that can be used to soundproof, fire panels, and even those that are suspended from the ceiling or if. On the contrary, they are placed on the ground first. carries out a process of insulation with asphalt cloth, polystyrene plates, and screed.

Modular cold room:

Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. distributes and assembles a series of modular cold rooms for both positive and negative temperature cooling in your Cold Storage Business in Togo.

There are different models of modular cold rooms and the choice of one or the other depends on the finishes, dimensions, and work regime. Our professionals will make a preliminary study of the situation and will always advise the client which is the best choice.

We have already installed machines like these in sectors of the hotel industry, collective catering, small shops, and laboratories, among many others.

Advantages of modular cameras:

These chambers have a great advantage for the customer since they guarantee an energy saving of 25% and total insulation so that the products inside are perfectly preserved.

This is so due to the thickness of the chambers, since depending on the temperature that they must take, the thickness can vary between 60 and 150 cm. The choice of this thickness is very important since it is what allows this saving and that it does not lose cold or spend more energy than necessary.

But the measurements of these cold rooms should not be your main concern since they are prepared so that they can be expanded at any time.

The material that we use for this insulation is the sandwich panel that allows easier assembly, they are light and more aesthetic. But we also take into account other elements so that the insulation is greater such as the floor, the ceiling, or the finishes of the modular cold rooms since these can be in PVC or stainless steel.

With us, you will have high-quality modular cold rooms in Kpalime and always with the guarantee of the company and of a qualified staff who is present in the supervision and all the assembly stages.

In Cold Storage Business in Togo, NSSPL’s modular cold rooms have the widest variety of thicknesses to adapt to refrigeration or freezing temperatures: 60, 75, 80, 100, 120, and 150 mm.

With smooth or slightly profiled sandwich panel finishes and white or stainless steel colors, we offer an aseptic and aesthetic appearance at the same time.

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Benefits of a modular cold storage business in Togo:

In the installation of our modular cold room, energy and time savings of up to 25% are achieved, in addition:

  • Ease of assembly and faster
  • Perfect aesthetics.
  • Ease of moving the camera to another location
  • Total isolation. Hook joint system
  • Tongue and groove joints. Easy and efficient coupling
  • Finished to measure. Modules every 20 cm.
  • Camera enlargement at any time
  • Save time and money
Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh Dahiya

The Managing Director of Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd is known for his expertise in setting up cold storage, chilling plants and food processing units.

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