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Cold storage always needs a bulk place to keep all the perishables products within it. This is one of the best methods through which you can control and preserve all fruits and vegetables for the long term. If you keep fruits and vegetables within normal place after a certain time, it becomes wastage. But if you keep fruits and vegetables in cold storage, as it has temperature controlling power, it will control the entire temperature and make it worthy. If you are a new business owner and want to start new in Uganda, then you can go with Cold Storage Business In Uganda.

Uganda is a country in East-central Africa and due to lack of proper cold storage room, every year much seasonal food becomes wastage, and people here never get all the fruits and vegetables throughout the year. In Uganda, if you are thinking about the business, then infrastructure, construction and energy oil, etc. business is developing. But cold storage has high demand in Uganda because of the lack of cold storage many products wastage. So, if you are planning to Cold Storage Business In Uganda, you make a perfect decision.

Why cold storage business?

In Uganda, there are several types of business you can do but if you want to invest one time and want to get a return for the long term, then cold storage will be an ideal business. Now the question is why cold storage? Well, this country is not properly developed till now in the agriculture business. So, if you can set up a cold storage business, then based on shape, size, and type, business owners can use your cold storage room to keep their products for a long time. Whether you want to open cold storage in Kira or ssabagabo city, I can help you to set up cold storage in any city you wish within Uganda. I have a strong network with cold storage-related fields and I can help you to find out the proper location, room size, air-conditioned machine type, etc.

This helps to make available different products throughout the year and people can buy anytime. Also, the manufacturer can keep their fruits, vegetables, process meat, frozen items as long as they need. Cold Storage Business In Uganda has a high demand and if you set up successfully you will be able to get more profit.

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How to set up Cold storage in Uganda?

It’s quite difficult to set up cold storage in Uganda but it’s not impossible. And another point is, once you can set up cold storage, you will get much profit. To set up cold storage, there are certain things you have to consider like

  • Place or location, where you want to open a cold storage
  • Communication or transportation
  • What type of products you need to store
  • Cold storage size, type, and location
  • Your budget
  • Documents you need for Cold Storage Business In Uganda
  • Air conditioner type, etc.

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To set up, first, you have to take permission from the government, you need to make a license and prepare all the documents for taken a loan and subsidy from the government. You can choose kampala for setting up cold storage as it is the capital of Uganda.

Cold storage has many benefits. Once you established cold storage successfully, it not only help you to get long term return, but it will also increase business and create a good impact on the economy of that place. Another important point is, setting cold storage always reduces the waste of fruits and vegetables.

Consult with a consultant 

A consultant is very important and a proper consultant helps to provide you knowledge regarding setting up Cold Storage Business In Uganda. As I have 25+ years of experience in this field, I know how to start and how to set up any cold storage business successfully. Worked successfully in different countries like Kenya, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Africa etc. I can understand what type of service you need based on your need and budget and provide you complete solutions. Without any worry, you will be able to set up Cold Storage Business In Uganda. 

What service does NSSPL offer?

I always believe in client satisfaction and I always help the client to set their cold storage business as per their need and budget. Whether you are going to open small cold storage or large size, expert advice is always recommended. Cold Storage Business In Uganda helps you to earn much profit in long term. Once you choose us or our company NSSPL, you don’t need to worry. We will manage everything including documentation for a license, electrics, and government subsidy. We will also help you to find out a proper location to establish cold storage.

We will also visit government sectors in Uganda because we have a strong connection with government agencies and contact persons who can help us in this regard! So, you don’t need to worry about your cold storage business. Set up cold storage in Mbarara city and you will gain many benefits. Here you will find proper transportation nearby the airport and road. We can assist you to set up cold storage here.

Choose any location you wish.

Our company Natural storage Solutions Pvt.Ltd. provides strong customer care service and me, Yogesh dahiya always there for you. Based on my guide, my team will work for you. Once you choose us, you don’t need to worry about anything. We will check and analyze the situation and provide complete satisfaction. Whether you need a central location within Uganda or a remote area, we will help you any place or city you wish. You can choose Nansana for cold storage because this is a very popular city within Uganda.

Contact me by NSSPL or direct visit my website to understand more details about cold storage. I not only offer you consultancy service but guide you at each step.

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Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh Dahiya

The Managing Director of Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd is known for his expertise in setting up cold storage, chilling plants and food processing units.

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