Cold storage business India

Cold storage business India

A good logistics manager knows that each product requires special care during storage and transport and that this is essential for the success of their strategies. In this post, we’ll talk more about the cold storage business India, a piece of essential equipment for the conservation of some cargo.

As its acquisition requires a significant investment and its operation is very specific, it is common to find managers with doubts about the subject. That’s why we have prepared informative and easy-to-understand content about the cold storage business India.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cold room including how it works, key benefits, and best practices for extending its life. Let’s check it out.

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What is a cold storage business India?

A cold chamber is a tool designed to optimize the storage of products through their refrigeration (temperature between 0°C and 18°C) or freezing (temperatures below 0°C). With its low temperature, it ensures the efficiency and quality of product storage processes in slaughterhouses and supermarkets, for example.

It is a special storage area for products, materials, or inputs that need greater conservation, either to preserve quality as in the case of food and other perishable products or to maintain their characteristics (cold storage companies in India that work with production and supply of ice, for example).

It is not new to say that in these scenarios, logistics is a very complex and dynamic sector. In addition to personal skills and the use of software for efficient performance, it is an essential tool and equipment for your daily life.

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How does this equipment work?

Today, many cold storage companies in India offer high-quality setups. Let’s understand how this equipment work.

Knowing how it works is very important for the improvement of professionals who deal directly with it. Despite giving the impression of being something complex to understand, it is a simple and interesting system.

The basic notion of cold storage business India that must be taken into account is that the refrigeration process inside the chamber is based on the forced reduction of the product’s temperature through heat transfer. This is possible thanks to the action of a refrigerant fluid that circulates within the circuit.

To make understanding even easier, it is interesting to know for cold storage business India the main components of this system:

  • Compressor: has the function of sucking super heated air from the evaporator and compressing it to the condenser, returning to a liquid state. Its action ends up causing an increase in the temperature of the gas.
  • Condenser: has the function of absorbing the heat of the gas that evaporates inside the evaporator and condensing it. Its basic structure consists of tubes, coil, and refrigerant.
  • Evaporator: has the function of accumulating the liquid gas that comes from the condenser through an expansion valve). In general, by removing heat from the air, the liquid refrigerant evaporates and the pressure is maintained.
  • Expansion valve: it is responsible for reducing the pressure of the gas that arrives from the condenser so that it reaches boiling and evaporates.
  • Fans: an act to ensure the internal ventilation of the cold storage business India. They draw in the cooled air and redistribute it to cool the room.
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How do the thermostat and condenser work in this process?

A chamber’s thermostat is used to determine the temperature of the air inside it. Thus, when the temperature rises beyond the level of this appliance, the condenser is turned on and a new cooling cycle starts.

Technically, the unit’s fans suck air into and over the condenser coils. Inside the coils, the coolant pulls heat from the air that passes overhead. In this way, the cooled air continues to move out of the back of the chamber, cooler than when it entered.

As the fans continue to blow air towards the condenser, the air temperature inside the cab decreases until it drops below the level set by the thermostat.

If the thermostat reaches a very low level (usually 0°C), the fans start to run without cooling. Consequently, the condenser coils are gradually heated, forming a defrost cycle that will continue until the temperature stabilizes again.

Summarizing the process: when the thermostat identifies a temperature above the ideal, the condenser is activated so that the cooling cycle starts. The fans suck air into the condenser and the coolant takes all its heat away. At the same time, the fans blow air over the condenser and the temperature in the room is reduced until it reaches the ideal level for the thermostat.

What are the basic differences between cold storage rooms?

Now that you know how a cold storage business India works, you need to understand that there are basic differences between their types. Cooling and freezing have distinctions between them that follow according to the suggestion of their names, that is, the difference is in the temperature they reach.

A cold storage companies in India usually handle products that require a refrigeration level close to 0°C (just like the functions of refrigerators).

Freezing chambers tend to reach lower temperatures. Just take freezers as an example. In this case, freezing can reach -20ºC, which can vary according to the type of product and the time for which it must be stored.

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Among the main products stored in these formats are:

Cooling (0°C to 18°C):

Among the foods that can undergo cooling are:

  • Beverages (beer, wine, soft drinks, and juices, for example)
  • Fruits
  • Meat
  • Dairy products
  • Cold cuts and sausages
  • Vegetables and legumes
  • Mushrooms
  • Yogurts
  • Grains
Freezing (-1°C to -25°C):

Among the items that can be frozen, we find:

  • Birds
  • Frozen meats
  • Chickens
  • Ice
  • Ice cream
  • Pulps
  • Seafood

Still, regarding this initial differentiation, it is relevant to note that both chilled and frozen chambers were developed to store products that have already been frozen or cooled. This means that if the customer needs to enter a chilled product to be frozen suggesting a phase change, it will be necessary for cold storage companies in India to purchase a freezing tunnel.

This tunnel is a chamber with specific characteristics for this purpose. Using large equipment for quick freezing, the transfer between the liquid and solid phases may be done properly. Remember that the energy involved in this process is significantly greater.

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