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land required for 5000 mt cold storage

In case you are a new business owner and want to invest on time, then cold storage business is ideal for you. Cold storage is a place where all fruits and vegetables you can keep for a long time and become fresh. It never becomes wastage if you keep fruits and vegetables in the place. Compare with other businesses, the initial investment for cold storage business is very high but it’s also true, it will provide higher returns for a longer time. The demand for cold storage business is increasing for both developed and developing countries. There are two types of cold storage available with different features. So, Cold storage business investment is always worthy.

Why cold storage needs?

Globally the wastage of fruits and vegetables is high. Countries that produce large quantity fruits and vegetables hold the maximum share in wastage of food. In India, to extend the market, require cold storage. To maintain product quality and reduce wastage, cold storage always plays an important role. Cold storage also helpful for perishable items because it also helps to reduce perishable products. Using cold storage, people able to get any fruits and vegetables after their season over throughout the market. Cold storage business investment requires huge money but it is one-time investment.

What are the benefits of the cold storage business?

Cold storage helps to reduce the wastage of fruits and vegetables. It also helps to store medicine and vaccines. Off-season farm products also available throughout the year using cold storage. It also helps to provide farmers remunerative prices. It helps to increase the overall economy of the country. Packaged or process food customers can get very easily. Temperature control systems help to minimize the temperature and lower the cooling system based on product. There are different types of fruits and vegetables require different temperature.

Using a temperature control system, people able to control the temperature in a cold storage unit and this keeps all the items fresh for the long term. You have to aware of Cold storage business investment details otherwise it’s not possible to maintain all.

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Make a business plan!

A business plan is very important. To set up a cold storage business, as we all know, we need a huge investment in this section. So, before investment, it’s essential to make a business plan properly. An experienced person must make a business plan for cold storage. Suppose, if you give me a project plan and If I prepare a business plan for you, it will be worth all the time because I am having 25+ years of experience in this field, and I already complete 160+ projects globally. So, experience, skill, and knowledge help to make a proper business plan which helps the Cold storage business investment section. The proper business plan always helps you to move forward.

Investment in cold storage

There are several points you have to consider if you are planning to calculate investment details for cold storage. Investment cost includes…

  • purchase land or rent a land
  • Buy cooling machines
  • Need to take a license from the government
  • Electric and utility expenses monthly
  • daily expenditure and capital
  • hiring skilled labor
  • Advertisement, marketing, and promotion.

Finalizing location is another important factor. It’s always essential to build cold storage in a remote area from where farmland is not too far. So, once done cultivation farmers can easily reach your cold storage to keep the products there. It saves fruits and vegetables and it saves their money as well. So, you have to make a plan for Cold storage business investment and then proceed.

Buy proper equipment’s

Countries like India, where the temperature is so high, always need to buy such equipment which last long and stable because here power cut and heavy loads problem always arose. So, In India, for cold storage power backup is necessary. Before finalizing the equipment’s always need to check some factors. Some basic needs for an ideal cold storage plantlike storage space humidity, cold storage room dimensions, storage materials, initial temperature, storage unit capacity, refrigeration capacity, etc.

There are different types of cold storage you can establish. You can build small cold storage or large cold storage. Small cold storage is ideal for one type of fruits and vegetable store but if you will choose large cold storage, then you may keep different items in a different temperature easily. In India, if you want to invest in cold storage, then initially for small cold storage you need to invest 30-40 lakh and for large cold storage you need to invest approx. 2 cr to 4 cr to get the best result for long term. Visit our site or contact us to know more details.

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Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh Dahiya

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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