Cold storage business minimum investment

cold storage business minimum investment

Cold storage is a very trending business and if you are able to establish your cold storage properly then you will be able to get the return within 6-7 years. But you have to be calculative, need to make a proper plan, and then proceed. If you want to establish cold storage successfully, then consult with us. Consultancy or advisory service is important here because it requires huge investment. Whether you will invest low or high, whether you are going to open multi product cold storage or a single product, we can help you at each step. If you are looking for a one-time investment and cold storage business minimum investment then cold storage will be an ideal business for you.

Investment in cold storage

If you compared with other small-scale businesses, the cost of investment for cold storage is always high. But we are always trying cold storage business minimum investment. There are some areas in which this business needs to invest like construction, acquisition of cold storage building or room, license, electricity, water, and important utilities and tools. Another huge investment is, you have to purchase proper machinery or cooling machines for your cold storage room. To get long-term sustainability there are different types of updated machinery available and you have to choose the best machine always.

There are several categories where you need to invest money like…

  • You have to purchase cooling machines
  • You have to buy land or take rent for building
  • Need to take license
  • You have to pay monthly bill for water, electricity and other materials.
  • Need to hire skilled labour and experienced stuff
  • Daily expenditure
  • Invest money for marketing, promotion and advertisement.

The minimum area required for cold storage business is 1000 ft. If you are thinking about how much you need to invest and how much you will subsidy from the government that’s depends on your cold storage building capacity. Suppose an example – if you are going to open cold chain storage for 10,000 tonnes in India, then you need to invest approx. 20 core. And if you follow proper rules and able to successfully promote and marketing your cold storage, then you will get the return within 6-7 years. You can open 5000 MT or 10,000 MT based on your budget. Cold storage business minimum investment is also possible.

Do I need a consultant?

It’s always advisable to hire a consultant. It’s not like you have to hire me because of you reading this article but always check the advisor to whom you are going to hire! Check their profile, experience, qualification, and present position.

We, always provide the best consultancy service all over the world. We have already successfully established 250+ cold storage all over the world including India and continue. I and my team first try to understand what exactly your need and based on that we will provide you solution. I have almost 25+ years of experience in this cold storage and cold chain business. I can guide you to choose a proper location, help you to prepare all the documents including government subsidy, and also I will help you to choose the best tools, refrigerators, and raw materials. If you are looking for cold storage business minimum investment we can help you to build it within range.

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Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh Dahiya

The Managing Director of Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd is known for his expertise in setting up cold storage, chilling plants and food processing units.

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