Cold Storage Cost Per Square Foot

cold storage cost per square foot

Most of the food products of daily consumption need refrigeration to ensure their quality and avoid health problems. Factors such as household consumption, exports and imports, and the increase in online trade-in fresh products, generate an increase in the volume of products that must be kept at a controlled temperature. By the end of this blog, we will also learn what is the cold storage cost per square foot?

Logistics operations for frozen and refrigerated products, such as in the food sector or the pharmaceutical industry, require more demanding and rigorous processes than products that do not need to be stored at a controlled temperature. Since an incorrect treatment in logistics operations can break the cold chain.

In food products, the breakage of the cold chain is easily identifiable, the deterioration of the product is visible. However, in pharmaceutical products as in the case of vaccines, this deterioration is not identifiable and the consequences of their use in poor condition are incalculable.

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What is the cold chain?

The cold chain comprises a series of activities for the production, storage, and distribution of refrigerated products that maintain the quality of these products through controlled temperature processes. This temperature must be stable and regular from harvest or production to the final consumer.

Most products should be frozen or refrigerated in a range of temperatures: for frozen products they should be below -18ºC and for refrigerated ones above 0ºC.

Likewise, there is also a maximum storage time depending on the type of product and the storage environment. At the end of this blog, we will learn cold storage cost per square foot.

Key points to take into account, before the design of a cold store:

In the design of cold stores, we will pay special attention to the following points. Although they apply to both non-refrigerated and refrigerated warehouses, for the latter their importance is greater due to the energy cost involved in maintaining this type of warehouse.

– Determine the needs of the facility based on the type of cargo to be stored, since it will have certain physical and treatment characteristics.

– Know the volume of merchandise to be stored to size the facilities and cold stores.

– Homogenize the load and its reception, adapting it to formats that facilitate accessibility: pallets, cages, sacks, etc.

– Establish the entry and exit flows of the merchandise, to determine the service areas and the capacity of the cold stores.

– Know the seasonality of the merchandise to predict peaks in purchases and shipments.

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The different types of cold storage:

– There are several types of cold stores, namely: The traditional warehouse, which is equipped with: mobile or non-mobile pallet racks

– some are fitted with stackable containers with 4 or 5 storage levels, pallet stacking systems (so-called mass storage).

– The warehouse with a single platform, platform: It is more particularly suited to consolidation and unbundling operations.

– It integrates a large number of loading and unloading docks; a cold room.

– The mezzanine cold store: It is mainly used for storage and order picking. The pallets are moved vertically using a freight elevator or forklift.

– The high bay cold store: These are premises with a height of more than 12 m requiring a trans-store. It is intended for the transport of goods.

Now, let’s find out what is the cold storage room price India?

What is the cold storage cost per square foot?

Cold storage cost per square foot can be approx. 10,000. However, many other factors are considered. For precise rates and details, do not hesitate to contact us at

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