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Cold storage is one of the essential tools in our business world. Countries that are dependent on agriculture like India need most cold storage to reduce wastage. It helps to keep perishable foods and items cold and fresh for a long time. There is no particular time to store within cold storage because you can keep products like fruits, vegetables, and meat months after months. Cold storage has a special temperature control system which can reduce the temperature as per products needed and using those technology business owners able to make the products fresh.

Make a business plan first!

The cold storage business is very important and it requires initially a huge investment. Now, before invest business owners should know Cold storage cost per ton. A new business owner completely unable to calculate such cost but if you hire an experienced consultant like me who has years of experience in this field, they can calculate and tell you very simply. A business plan must contain everything that you will do when you will move forward with this cold store business. A professional business plan is always better because inexperienced people are just unable to calculate Cold storage costs per ton. 

Budget plays an important role

Yes, this is another important point. Budget always plays an important role to us. Before investment, a business owner should calculate how much liquid money he can invest and how much he needs to borrow! Based on that, we need to prepare documents and paper works and then submit them to the bank for applying for a loan. During budget calculation, we need to focus on several factors like the area where you want to open, rented store or purchase, product types, design of the cold storage room, size of the room, etc. Professional hand only able to calculate such information and make an appropriate business plan, the financial budget which helps you to move further. During financial analysis or budget making, we will also do Cold storage cost per ton. 

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5000 ton cold storage cost

Details about the loan and government subsidy

Cold store business is always capital intensive business. if you want to start cold storage business then you have to invest a minimum of 3-4 crores. you can also take a loan from the bank to set up this infrastructure. And you also need to check whether you will entitle to any government subsidy or not! In India, there are several government schemes available for business owners for financial assistance. If you apply properly, they can offer up to a 50% subsidy amount. To prepare such documents you need an experienced consultant. You can consult with me for this purpose. We can assure you will get a good subsidy.

India always offers it’s business owners financial assistance for cold storage. This integrated cold storage chains ensure always safety and properly preserve food. Government can able to provide up to 50% subsidy on the cost of plants and machinery. You can apply for a loan from any government authorized bank always. Calculation of Cold storage cost per ton is always essential.

Is cold storage a profitable business?

Yes, cold storage is always a profitable business. Initially, you have to invest a huge amount but after that, you will seat and get rent for your cold storage. You will be able to get long term return from the cold storage business. But before that, you have to invest a huge amount properly and need to use superior quality products to run the business smoothly. Cold storage has high demand in developed and developing countries. As per the storage facility, there are two types of cold storage rooms available. One type of cold storage is used for a specific product and another for multipurpose. Cold storage cost per ton calculation is also very important before set up.

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How much land is needed for cold storage?

For cold storage set up, there are different types of the land quantity you can buy or purchase based on your need. If you want to open multi-commodity cold storage, then you need a minimum 5000 MT plant capacity but if you want to open medium-size or small cold storage, then small land is also sufficient. For setting up multi-commodity cold storage, 1-acre land is always needed.

So, calculate Cold storage cost per ton and then make a financial budget and move forward. A proper budget helps to save some money. If you hire a professional consultant like our company NSSPL, we will help you at each step which saves your valuable time and effort. Contact us to know more details as I also love to advise my client before proceeding. Find the best deal from us now!

Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh Dahiya

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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