Cold storage cost

cold storage cost

Designing a cold room is a very economical decision for many businesses today. For many restaurants and other businesses where merchandise storage must be maintained at a controlled temperature, the cold room can be a very valuable commodity.

Rather than wasting product by prematurely emptying warehouses, or having to do without these necessary supplies, many find a cold room to be a better alternative. Discover in this article the unexpected advantages of a cold room and know what is the cold storage cost?

Suitable for all types of needs:

Cold rooms are getting better every day thanks to technology. They have evolved to adapt to any type of business need. Depending on the size and type of your goods, you will be able to find a cold room suitable for your needs.

Available in different sizes and shapes, these chambers can even be custom-made to suit your particular business needs. In addition, they also have a wide range of customization options allowing you to categorize your specific needs. You now have the freedom to customize the design and shape you like.

Various uses:

The most impressive thing about cold rooms is that they are used for many reasons. In other words, they have a wide range of uses. Due to their temperature control function, it is easier to adjust the temperature according to the items at hand.

The temperature outside the cold room has no effect on products stored inside because these units are sealed. In addition, the doors of the cold rooms are of high quality and durable. The cold rooms have been designed in such a way that the necessary temperature inside can be adjusted according to the needs of the products stored inside.

Precautionary measure: Avoid waste:

Most importantly, cold rooms ensure that the selling value of your food products remains intact by reducing waste to a minimum. A business can rest assured that its goods are kept in the safest possible place.

Hotels and restaurants can use fresh food, fruits, and vegetables thanks to the cold rooms. Without a cold room, it would be impossible to keep food fresh and tasty until it is time to be prepared as a meal.

An important service of a cold room is to offer solutions for ripening fruits such as mangoes, papayas, bananas, etc. The cheese maturation chamber is also a good example.

Free up space:

If you’re eager to free up some space in your home or business, consider cold rooms. They are also ideal for increasing the space in your refrigerator.

Some items may not necessarily be kept in the refrigerator, but keeping them in the cold room will do them good. These are the products that retain their freshness at cooler temperatures. If your home has a cold room that you use for other things, it’s high time you got it back for your groceries.

Automated cold stores:

The goal of an automatic cold store is to streamline processes and increase the safety of operators and goods. To automate a warehouse, it is necessary to install automated handling equipment, such as stacker cranes for pallets or for bins. These storage systems are generally composed of conveyors, which optimize the flow of goods and prevent operators from moving the stock in unfavorable environmental conditions.

A Pallet Shuttle can also be used with a stacker crane, to further compact the goods. Although in rooms with reduced order volume, it is recommended to use the Pallet Shuttle with forklifts.

We have described solutions for storing goods, but can order picking be automated? Tools such as robotic arms are ideal for avoiding exposing operators to the cold and at the same time ensuring maximum productivity in order picking.

All of the automated elements we have detailed could not function safely and efficiently without a pallet inspection station that ensures that every package entering the warehouse meets the required requirements. Its function is to check the weight of the load, the strapping, and the condition of the pallet, among other things.

Efficiency and optimization of the cold store:

The new rhythms of life resulting in increased consumption of frozen foods have fostered an interest in cold stores. However, let us not forget that cold storage involves exhaustive control of the product in all processes, in order to ensure real-time traceability throughout the storage process and to guarantee safety.

If we add to this requirement the impact of the high logistics costs involved in operating a cold store, companies that own these logistics centers must consider solutions that guarantee efficiency and optimization of storage space. storage.

At, we have years of experience in advising and implementing manual and automatic solutions in cold stores. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will offer you the best solution to increase the productivity of your installation.

Now let’s talk about the main point – What is the cold storage cost?

About Cold storage cost:

The construction cost for a new freezer or cold storage space is about $130 to $190 per sq ft. However, to know the exact cold storage cost, get in touch with us at

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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