cold storage facility

cold storage facility

Cold storages facility, also known as cold rooms, are intended for the refrigerated storage of products and differ from conventional refrigerators due to their capacity to store large volumes and to offer precise digital temperature control.

Serving various market segments, from food to hospital, in general, this equipment is custom-developed, through customized projects, thus ensuring adequate refrigerated storage for each type of product and need.

Where to use cold storage facility?

Indicated for various needs, serving restaurants, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, butchers, bakeries, food industries, collective meals, hypermarkets, chains, franchises, among other sectors where refrigerated storage is necessary.

Despite being widely used in food refrigeration, the chambers are also recommended for other types of conservation, such as vaccines, flammable products, medical-hospital material, and blood banks. Another common use of cold stores is in the self-service system, found in hypermarkets and wholesalers.

The cold chambers can be used to store chilled or frozen products, a need that will be identified at the time of the project and built specifically for a certain purpose.

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Storage capacity and logistical facility:

As mentioned earlier, cold rooms differ from conventional refrigerators due to their ability to store large volumes and to offer precise digital temperature control. These differentials must meet the conservation requirements and for this, a specific refrigeration system is developed and defined by analyzing the product to be conserved, inlet and outlet temperature, thermal load, daily movement (opening and closing of doors), conservation time, dimensions, among other factors.

Cold storage facility mainly indicated for storing large volumes, by replacing several freezers that are used simultaneously to meet the establishment’s demand capacity, the cold room also has the benefit of logistical ease and energy savings.

Bespoke construction:

Another highlight of the cold rooms is that they can be built in different sizes and shapes. For example, there are cameras that are installed under commercial stairs, following the incline/slope format; others are built bypassing beams and columns and there are also models that are the size of a shed, where it is even possible to carry out movement in its interior space.

The cold storage facility rooms are built with modular panels, which allow for agility in installation. In addition, it includes a condenser and evaporator unit, control panel, lighting, and a revolving or sliding door.

To make product storage even better, there are also a number of optional accessories such as shelves, air curtains, PVC curtains, temperature, and humidity monitoring systems, plastic pallets, and checkered sheets for protection.

As this equipment is of vital importance in the storage of refrigerated products, when purchasing a cold room, it is essential to evaluate the experience, capacity, and support of the supplier. supplies cold storage facility for several sectors, where it meets in a personalized way the most different cold storage requirements.

Refrigerator or mixed cabinet:

The fact of acquiring a cold storage facility or mixed cabinet (which can refrigerate and freeze) is directly linked to the types of food that you are going to store.

It does not make sense that a refrigerator intended for the maintenance of sweets in a pastry shop also has a freezer part.

In this case, perhaps the most interesting thing is that it has a glass door that allows you to see the cakes while keeping them refrigerated (0 ºC, +8 ºC), as is the case with cold storage facility, especially for pastry shops.

In the case of fish refrigeration, it should be taken into account that there are models specifically designed for this task.

However, most restaurants will need to freeze and refrigerate at the same time.

Both they and those Hospitality businesses that do not have an excessively large kitchen in which to have a separate freezer and refrigerator will be the ones that will surely opt for a mixed refrigerator.

Mixed cold systems have two independent cold units: one that is usually around -2 ºC – +8 ºC, while the freezing system is suitable for down to -18 ºC.

What are the main advantages of the cold storage facility?

As we pointed out at the beginning, the logistics of transporting special products has always been a challenge for many companies, and, without a doubt, the refrigerated container has emerged as the most viable and practical solution for this.

Today, the pharmaceutical, food, and other areas with specific or seasonal demands use the equipment as the best alternative for their operations.

Among the main advantages of the cold storage facility, it is worth mentioning its thermal and level capacity. In other words, the equipment allows maintaining the same internal temperature for hours or days, even if the equipment travels through different regions and outdoor climates.

Reefer containers were developed to cool many types of cargo, with adequate and sufficient power to guarantee an ideal air exchange inside. It is essential to emphasize that the equipment was not designed to increase or reduce the temperature of the cargo itself but to guarantee the perfect condition that the contents need to be transported or stored.

As it is a separate piece of equipment, that is, not necessarily coupled to a specific type of vehicle, the refrigerated container has the great advantage of being extremely flexible, being able to be loaded on trucks, ships, cranes, etc.

This made the reefer become a more versatile and economical alternative to conventional trucks and cold rooms, optimizing the logistical operations of carriers and warehouses, especially during seasonal demands.

To better exemplify all this diversity of use, we highlight a small list of products and industries that can take advantage of the advantages of a refrigerated container. Check it out below:

  • Perishable products;
  • Meat, poultry, and derivatives;
  • Fishes and seafood;
  • Fruits and vegetables;
  • Dairy products;
  • Natural drinks;
  • Fresh food;
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical products;
  • Electronics;
  • Plants and flowers;
  • Chocolates and ice cream;
  • Ice;
  • Hospitals and civil construction.

That’s are the main advantages of a cold storage facility.

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