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Today, in the following post, we are going to learn everything about cold storage for potato. The physiological mechanisms of the potato (transpiration, respiration) persist during the storage period. Certain actions during this phase are essential to preserving the quality of the potatoes, limit weight loss, reduce disease development, and control germination.

Preservation management involves the use of suitable equipment which, thanks to precise control of the temperature and hygrometry of the air conveyed in the heap. That allows the potatoes to dry, promote their healing, and prevent water condensation on their surface. Also, it avoids their asphyxiation, while minimizing weight loss by dehydration.

Given the importance of the storage building’s measurement sensors in regulating conservation, it is necessary to carry out their annual verification (working condition, accuracy). Get in touch with us to know about potato cold storage price.

Important points to note:

Several probes are indeed necessary to know the temperature of the potatoes: it is desirable to have one probe for every 150 to 200 tonnes stored, and at least two probes per cell.

In the case of bulk storage, the temperature recording probes of the pile should be positioned 60-80 cm from the top of the pile and supplemented if necessary, by a probe plugged into the base of the pile.

In the case of storage in crates, the probes must be distributed spatially in the three dimensions of the storage so as to best cover the possible heterogeneity of temperatures.

Between each campaign, it is essential to carry out at least a check of the accuracy of the heap probes by placing them all in the same bucket of water at room temperature stabilized between 5 and 10 ° C to check that they clearly indicate the same temperature.

Every after two or three years, it is recommended to carry out a more precise calibration by comparing the probes to a reference probe.

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Cooling and temperature maintenance:

When the healing of the potatoes is complete, the pile is gradually cooled to the set temperature. The use of cold storage for potato makes it possible to provide cold air “standardized” in temperature and humidity, limiting the dehydration of the tubers.

If the building is ventilated with outside air, the use of an automated indoor/outdoor air mixing system optimizes the temperature differential between the air blown into the pile and the storage.

In principle, ventilation with outside air takes place when the outside temperature is lower than that of the pile. Thanks to the air mixing device, the temperature difference between the ventilated air can be kept constant, generally between 1.5 ° C and 2.5 ° C.

The automatic regulation of the triggering of ventilation is carried out by taking into account 3 temperature sensors: one outside, one in the heap, and one in the technical corridor.

This air mixing technique makes it possible to increase the number of hours available for ventilation and to allow it, even in periods of frost.

After any Cold storage for potato, it is necessary to homogenize the temperatures of the pile by internal recycling, the duration of which is approximately 20% of the duration of ventilation with the outside air.

The complementary use of an external hygrometry probe coupled with the regulation allows the ventilation to be started when the hygrometry is above a given threshold (90 or 95%) in order to limit vapor pressure deficits.

When only outside air is available, it is preferable to avoid too rapid cooling, which creates temperature heterogeneities and promotes condensations on the surface.

In addition, cooling that is exceptionally faster than the usual lowering of minimum outside temperatures may severely limit the periods suitable for fresh air ventilation. This lack of ventilation then promotes increases in temperature and hygrometry in the storage which increases the germination pressure.

In the case of refrigerated storage exclusively intended for the fresh market, the sugaring constraints are less severe. The temperature will decrease more quickly, by lowering it from 0.5 ° C to 1 ° C per day to quickly place itself below the thermal threshold for the development of pathogens harmful to the presentation. At Natural Storage Solutions Pvt.Ltd., we will let you know about the potato cold storage price.

Sweating and breathing:

From harvest to use through Cold storage for potato, potatoes breathe and sweat actively. Part of the energy necessary for the life of the tuber during storage is supplied by respiration (formation of carbon dioxide and water from starch) which causes the release of heat.

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Potato Cold Storage Near me
The intensity of sweating depends on:
  • The drying power of ventilated or refrigerated air: we speak of Vapor Pressure Deficiency (VPD) which is a function of relative humidity and the temperature differential between the air and the potatoes.
  • The “sensitivity” of the skin to dehydration. If harvested before maturity (thin epidermis), or damage (wounds), the permeability of the epidermis increases. After healing, it is reduced to a minimum.
  • The weight losses are maximum during the first month of cold storage for potato due to the presence of wounds not yet healed and the need to ventilate the tubers for many hours to cool them to the set temperature, especially when harvesting. took place in hot weather.
  • These losses are generally higher in bulk buildings, ventilated only with outside air, than in refrigerated buildings, due to poorer DPV control. Nevertheless, the use of an outdoor hygrometric sensor coupled with the regulation system makes it possible to limit water losses. The additional use of air humidification equipment allows them to be further reduced by around 1% on average. Know the potato cold storage price at Natural Storage Solutions Pvt.Ltd..
  • Thus, for cold storage for potato in bulk buildings without ventilation, weight losses can reach 3 to 5% during the first month if the tubers are immature or severely injured, before stabilizing subsequently between 0.5 to 0.8% per month.
  • For six months of storage, these losses can reach, in good conditions, 5.5 to 6.5% for ventilated bulk storage, 3.5 to 4% for refrigerated storage in crates, and 4.5% for storage. bulk ventilated with air humidification.
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