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cold storage companies in india

In an economical, sustainable, and super flexible way, it’s already noticed that you can count on a high-quality structure for the development of businesses that deal with perishables — without worrying about the conservation and storage of goods.

Here are some examples of businesses that it is possible to use cold storage in India:

1.Cold storage in restaurant:

One of the biggest bets for cold storage in India has been for the construction of restaurants. Its use can go further, in a larger structure, serving as a refrigerator. There are many foods that need to be stored at a controlled temperature and a cold storage in India is a great option.

2.Container breweries:

Beer has two great enemies in light and heat. Keeping the product under controlled conditions contributes to its lifetime. Whether in the matter of internal transport or export or for stock, the chamber collaborates for this control.

They are very suitable for start-up brewing companies that may not be able to buy or rent space to house their products.

3.Cellars in containers:

Wines are perishable products and need to be stored correctly. Throughout their lives, they undergo various chemical processes, as they are sensitive to many factors such as light and temperature. That’s why it’s important to always be in a temperature-controlled environment, whether in stock or shipping.

Whether in a larger or more restricted environment, the cold storage can certainly fit your needs.

With this list of benefits, you can now better appreciate how the cold storage can benefit your business by being a quick, practical, and cost-effective solution for your storage location.

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Characteristics of cold storage in India:

The cold storage in India was developed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as abundant sunshine, storms, and high salinity.


Containers of cold storage are made of galvanized alloy steel. This makes the structure extremely resistant to abrasives, corrosives, and other substances that can exist in outdoor exposed environments. The thermal insulation was designed to guarantee the stability of ambient temperatures without suffering external influence, benefiting the control in a sealed place.


It is worth mentioning that all models of refrigerated cold storages are developed by specialized engineers, with the main factor being compliance with the rules of regulatory bodies that determine strict construction standards, in order to bring excellent levels of performance and durability to everyday life.


Another point to highlight is the variety of the storage in terms of its size, which benefits many businesses regardless of size and also makes it possible for all existing demands.


As the installation of the reference storage is faster there is a certain saving of time and, consequently, of money as well.

Currently, several cold storage companies in India have specialized in this business and increasingly, you can find them easily and with an interesting cost-benefit. Analyze the market and choose the best option for your business.

However, it is essential that the module is adjusted to the appropriate temperature, whether for the stored goods or for the cargo to be transported. De humidification controls must be well checked. It is essential to know that the cold storage must not undergo a pre-cooling, but in the case of transport, the cargo must undergo a pre-cooling.

Now that you know the main benefits of opting for cold storage in India. Now, let learn below advantages of cold storage. For more information, contact us at We are one of the leading cold storage companies in India.

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What are the advantages of the cold storage companies in India?

– It makes it possible to avoid having to have operators working in extremely cold conditions. Thus, the manipulation of goods by people inside the freezing chambers is avoided.

– This means an improvement in the order of the warehouse since each merchandise is located in the space indicated by the management program and, in addition, the breakage of pallets is minimized.

– Compaction of stored merchandise by reducing aisle widths and consequently improving the performance of cold generation equipment.

– It allows storing loads at great heights with automatic equipment.

– It makes it possible to double the storage capacity for palletized merchandise.

– Facilitates the improvement of internal processes: faster order preparation; reduction of waiting times to load shipments; increase in the number of cycles per hour of the installation; shorter waiting time for the product before entering the chamber; greater agility in the traffic of goods through the plant.

– It considerably reduces risk situations for logistics personnel by avoiding prolonged exposure to very low temperatures.

– Increases the efficiency of the cold generated by reducing thermal losses at the entrances and exits.

– Total food traceability: online control of stocks and movements in cold storage companies in India.

Design of Cold Storage in India:

Let’s learn something about the design of automatic cold storage in India.

Automatic cold stores can be designed and executed with different storage solutions. Depending on the needs and capacity of the warehouse, it may be made up of a conventional industrial racking or it may require the use of satellite rails and trolleys.

The suitability of one system or another depends on different factors, for example, rotation, height, characteristics of the load, the accumulation of pallets, or movements in others. All these factors will decisively influence the design of the cold store or freezing chamber.

For example, the satellite trolley system requires fewer aisles and this allows a large number of movements by having one trolley per level and aisle.

At the time of design, it is also important to consider the working temperatures. This data is essential for the execution of the welded joints of the racking components as well as for their finishing.

Working in a cold store exposes its operators to extreme working conditions due to the low temperatures in the warehouse. This makes it especially important to take into account from the design the installation of the appropriate security elements that prevent deterioration of the structural elements of the metal shelves.

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