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Good use of cold through a well-structured and organized cold chain plays a major role in maintaining the quality of fruits and/or vegetables. If you are planning to set up your own cold storage, get in touch with us at Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd to know about the cold storage investment cost.

When removed from the plant, the fruits/vegetables are breathing and perspiring like any other living thing. As it cannot supply itself with nutrients and water from the plant it must survive on the basis of its own reserves.

The higher the temperature, the more fruit and/or vegetables breathe faster, consume their reserves sooner, and die faster. On the contrary, with a lower temperature, the effect is the opposite.

So, cooling has three purposes:

  1. Reduce the biological activity of the plant, delaying the maturation process;
  2. Decrease the activity of microorganisms;
  3. Minimize water loss from the vegetable.

Are you interested in the cold storage business, contact us to know about the cold storage investment cost?

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Factors that affect refrigerated storage:

Factors that affect refrigerated storage are temperature, relative humidity, and air circulation speed. The most important among them is by far the temperature.

Temperature is responsible for approximately 70% of good conservation. There is a specific temperature for each species of fruit and/or vegetable. The best results of good conservation are obtained when using this temperature without fluctuations in the cold room. That’s why it’s important never to interrupt the cold chain. A variation of 1°C or 2°C above or below the recommended temperature is very detrimental to the quality of the fruit and/or vegetables.

Proper stacking and proper air circulation in the cold room helps to reduce temperature fluctuations. Some fruits and/or vegetables are stored at low temperature, around 0°C to 1°C, such as apple, pear, peach, grapes, strawberry, plum, blueberry, garlic, lettuce, asparagus, carrot, beetroot, among others.

Others are stored at intermediate temperatures between 3°C and 8°C such as orange, bergamot and green beans; others are stored at high temperatures, between 10°C and 14°C, such as banana, papaya, lime, lemon, mango, cucumber, pepper, pumpkin, among others.

The relative humidity of the air also affects product quality. Too low humidity produces dehydration (wilting) of the vegetable. On the contrary, if it is too high, the problems with decay increase. For most fruits and/or vegetables a high relative humidity of around 90-95% is recommended.

On the other hand, the air must have an ideal circulation speed, to keep the temperature uniform. It is important that the stacking is adequate so as not to block the passage of air inside the cold room.

The recommended temperature for each fruit and/or vegetable must be maintained on the rural property, in transport, and in marketing (sales points), without interrupting the cold chain, in order to maintain the quality of the vegetable in the best possible way.

Where to buy cold room components?

Several suppliers specialize in the sale of cold room components, whether for the preservation of fruits and vegetables or other types of products. This is the case with NSSPL, a brand specializing in industrial and commercial refrigeration.

It offers a wide choice of equipment and parts for refrigeration installations, available from its many distributors located in India. So, you can quickly get everything you need to equip your refrigeration system when needed. Call us to know about the cold storage investment cost.

We offer innovative cooling units operating with CO2 refrigerants. This new technology is becoming essential now that regulations control the use of refrigerants with high environmental impacts to replace them definitively with cleaner refrigerant gases.

CO2 is a refrigerant that has virtually no impact on the environment. greenhouse effect or on the ozone layer. It is inexpensive and readily available in the environment. In addition, it forms an excellent heat transfer fluid which also reduces energy consumption.

Our brand dedicates it to local shops and supermarkets which use MT cold rooms or refrigerated cabinets for the storage and presentation of fruit and vegetables. The range in question includes groups equipped with 1, 2, or 3 compressors to cover a power between 3 to 9 kW in positive cooling and between 2.5 to 4.5 kW in negative cooling.

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We offer one of the best units:

At NSSPL. in, we are one of the best units that can equip a cold room for fruits and vegetables because it is compact and easy to install, but also because it is able to deliver an optimal refrigeration performance while improving 30% energy efficiency of the cold room. Its purchase is rewarded with an excess depreciation of 40% of the value of the group over its normal period of use.

Do not hesitate to contact us at to know about the Cold storage investment cost.

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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