Cold storage manufacturers company

Cold storage manufacturers company

How would you define the term cold storage? Surely as a facility that allows the conservation of expired food. It is an installation that, for example, if we focus on the dairy products industry, is essential for the conservation of these. Being one of the leading cold storage manufacturers companytoday we will give you complete information related to cold storage, knowing their characteristics and their operation, among other aspects.

Operation of cold storage:

The operation of cold storage consists of a cycle from the cold storage manufacturers company that is repeated until the desired temperature is reached depending on the products that are stored inside. Among the components responsible for executing this cycle we define the following:

  • The compressor: its function by cold storage manufacturers is to suck in the refrigerant fluid and then compress it to a higher pressure until it is ready to go to the condenser.
  • The condenser: this refrigerant, when entering the condenser, gives off heat due to the change of state it experiences, going from gas to liquid.
  • The expansion valve: the refrigerant fluid, becoming liquid, enters the expansion valve. It should be noted that in the section from the condenser to the expansion valve, there is part of the heat that ends up being dissipated in the pipe. Once the refrigerant liquid experiences the pressure drop of the valve, it passes to the evaporator.
  • The evaporator: This element, located inside the cold storage, is responsible for evaporating the refrigerant at constant pressure, absorbing heat from the chamber, and therefore cooling the volume of air contained inside. The refrigerant, already completely converted to gas, returns to the compressor.
  • Let us remember that this cycle repeats itself whenever the established temperature limit varies again (setpoint temperature). In addition, depending on the application, the industrial cold storage from cold storage manufacturers can have additional systems to control other parameters such as humidity levels in the environment.

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Cold storage manufacturers company:

Cold storages contain two elements that make up the complete structure:

The panel structure: Literally, the walls of the enclosure are to be cooled. The thicknesses must be calculated based on the application temperatures and the location of the chamber, the most common being between 60-80mm from cold storage manufacturers company for positive temperatures and 100-120mm for negative temperatures.

The structure is built with custom-made enclosure insulation built with prefabricated materials. This allows cold storage manufacturers company for low conductivity, ensuring that heat from outside does not enter the interior of the installation.

Refrigeration equipment: These are the cold equipment (condenser, compressor, evaporator). These can be compact monoblock type, split units with a remote condensing unit, evaporator + multi-service compressor unit, remote condenser, etc.

As we cold storage manufacturers mentioned before, the components that make up this installation are essential for its operation. To understand how essential each of these components is, we summarize their functions and objectives:

The compressor is the equivalent of the cycle engine, being in charge of generating the pressure differences that make up the process.

Thanks to the evaporator, the cold storage extracts the heat from its interior. This means that the products that inside do not suffer changes in temperature that could be detrimental to their conservation.

The heat extracted from the chamber is dissipated in the outside air through the condenser.

The expansion valve is the place where the liquid refrigerant expands and loses pressure, to later change state and steal heat from the interior of the industrial cold storage.

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