Cold storage manufacturers in Pune

Cold storage manufacturers in Pune

Did you know the cold storage business is booming today as almost all sectors need cold storage for their products and goods? If you are already planning to start your own cold storage business, you should have reliable and popular cold storage manufacturers in Pune.

The capacity is what allows us to know how much stock we can store inside the cold storage. To measure it, you have to think about the necessary spaces between the products that allow the free circulation of air between them.

The door is as important as any other part of the chamber. The advice from cold storage manufacturers in Pune is that it can be opened from both places, inside and outside, as prevention. It is possible to choose between different materials and closing systems: sliding, traditional. The important thing is that it is airtight to prevent loss of cold.

The lighting must be powerful and controlled from both sides as well as the entrance. On the other hand, it is always advisable to have a surveillance system that alerts about any imperfection in the camera. An undetected failure could cause large financial losses.

Different types of industrial cold storage:

In addition to the importance that we have mentioned, it is necessary to opt for the type of industrial cold storage that is most suitable for the food treatment that it requires from cold storage manufacturers in Pune. Each of them has its particular uses.

Cooling chambers:

They are the most used for preserving fruits, vegetables, and other fresh foods because they maintain their moisture. They work with a positive temperature that ranges between 0º and 10º. The nutritional values ​​of food remain intact for longer.

Freezing chambers:

According to cold storage manufacturers, unlike refrigerants, these equipment work with a negative temperature that goes from 0º to -28º. The function is to keep the products stored inside in a frozen state. The covering that they include tends to favor the conservation of the cold and the control of the atmospheric humidity.

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Freezer tunnels:

The objective of this equipment is to individually freeze the products that move inside the chamber. The operation is through cold currents and an automatic displacement system. Ideal equipment for businesses that work with fish or meat and need to keep the properties in an excellent state of conservation.

Blast chillers:

Cold storage manufacturers in Pune are in the presence of refrigeration equipment with the greatest presence in restaurants and other hospitality businesses. Its main characteristic is the ability to quickly reduce the temperature of the preparations. This procedure guarantees a longer useful life and a reduction in the risk of contamination.

Keys for good use of industrial cold storage:

To enjoy all the advantages of this equipment, it is necessary to act under the required quality standards. Time and temperature are two determining factors with the success of conservation according to cold storage manufacturers.

The products must have a permanence limit in any of these teams. Extending the recommended period could put your condition at risk and, sometimes, even favor the spread of fungi and bacteria.

Hygiene is another pillar of a first-class hospitality business. Periodically, the chamber must be disinfected and deodorized. There are different systems on the market with cold storage manufacturers in Pune for this purpose, the best known is perhaps the use of ozone since it has a double quality. Eliminates odors while attacking possible microorganisms that accumulate.

Another piece of advice by the leading cold storage manufacturers is not to mix the types of food inside the industrial cold storage. Meat, fish, vegetables have different conservation needs that condition the technology to be used. The same happens with raw materials and processed products.

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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