Cold storage manufacturers in Surat

Cold storage manufacturers in Surat

Maintaining the cold chain during packaging and distribution is essential to guarantee the quality of food products. Sudden or prolonged temperature changes can alter flavors, change properties and even cause toxicity. Maintaining unalterable conditions during the production, packaging, transport, and distribution process is a challenge for all cold storage manufacturers in Surat.

The challenge of maintaining the cold chain during packaging:

The cold chain is considered to be maintained by cold storage manufacturers when a product is kept in a constant temperature range from the time the food is processed for the first time until it is cooked by the final customer.

When we talk about cold storage, it is because the product goes through several processes, which can vary based on the properties of the food and the logistics of the cold storage manufacturers in Surat. The chain includes collection, transportation, supplier storage, distribution, transformation, packaging, distribution to sales centers, and final sale to the customer. Although, as was said, depending on the circumstances, it could have more or fewer links.

The important thing is that whatever the chain, when it comes to fresh food, it is necessary to avoid that the optimum temperature ranges vary, in this way the food will be preserved. If this process is not controlled, the end customer will notice a significant loss in quality and will stop buying the product from cold storage manufacturers in Surat.

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The role of packaging in the cold chain:

One of the links in the mentioned chain is the packaging of the products from the cold storage manufacturers. Many are packaged in isothermal packaging for later distribution. For this, expanded polystyrene boxes, plastic with thermal insulation, or fiber containers with thermal protection are used.

In other cases, the product goes directly to a refrigerated vehicle that will be in charge of the distribution, maintaining the optimum state at all times. Even in these cases, the food is usually inside isothermal packaging so that it does not lose temperature when the doors are opened or when it is moved from the loading and unloading area to the sales displays.

Many of these foods have to be individually packaged, to ensure that they reach their final destination without being tampered with. This system is also a guarantee that there is no risk of contamination after preparation at the center of origin. Here a challenge arises for cold storage manufacturers in Surat, since there will be one more link in the chain, between storage or transformation and distribution.

How do you avoid breaking the cold chain during packaging?

Two factors can ensure that the optimum temperature range is respected for each range of foods to be packaged; environment and automation.

The environment. Each company must create an environment free of pathogens and with an ideal temperature for food packaging. These leave directly from the warehouse to be packaged or processed for immediate distribution.

The automation. In any of the cases described, the food that goes through the packaging process must spend the minimum time possible in the packaging area. For this, automation is essential, much more dynamic, and easier to control than in the manual process by the cold storage manufacturers.

At, it is aimed at all those professionals who propose new solutions for storage, distribution, packaging, food packaging, etc., and who are linked to the refrigeration of food consumption products. And also, to the producers and distributors who demand this type of service.

At NSSPL, we are one of the popular and experienced cold storage manufacturers in Surat. If you want to start a cold storage business, do not miss to contact us.

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