Cold Storage Project Cost in Senegal

cold storage project cost in Senegal

Senegal has capacities at a level slightly above the global industry average to support commercial activities around the current cold chain. If you are wondering what is the cold storage project cost in Senegal , you are here at the right place.

Logistics infrastructure and business structure capabilities must continue to be developed to withstand future challenges.

The great opportunities in the cold chain for organizations are growth in capacities, incorporation of disruptive technologies, reducing costs, improving decision-making, ensuring regulatory compliance, and staff training.

What is the cold chain?

The cold chain is a set of logistics systems that comprise personnel, infrastructure, equipment, and procedures designed to maintain inputs under specific conditions of uninterrupted temperature during their storage, transportation, and distribution applicable to refrigerated, frozen, and frozen products.

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What is the difference between a dry supply chain and a cold chain?

A dry supply chain prioritizes customer service and is less likely to assume a loss of the finished product relative to inputs that have a shelf life (expiration) in Dakar. On the contrary, if the products managed within the cold chain are not handled correctly in a certain time, they will have to go through a process of destruction or loss, while in a dry supply chain they can be re-integrated into the stock.

Automation: a more transversal concept:

The agents that intervene in cold logistics, especially manufacturers and suppliers of storage solutions for cameras, are faced with the challenge of re-educating in the concept of automation. We are talking about flexibility and tailor-made solutions, and yet there is still a feeling that there is only one way to automate and that it also requires a large investment.

Automated warehouses using stacker cranes or clad-rack structures in Touba are fully automated and advanced logistics projects that allow large volumetric and height densities. However, it does not have to be the solution for all customers. When it is said that the cold sector attends to specific particularities, we must reaffirm the commitment to offer concrete and scalable solutions. Semi-automation using satellite cars or gradual projects using mobile shelves with options to adapt to future needs can be the key for many of the actors involved in cold logistics.

We must insist on the idea that any warehouse can be adapted to improve in Rufisque, even cold-storage facilities despite their complexity. Automation is a more transversal concept than what has been transmitted in recent times, and that transversal must be transferred by the providers of storage systems.

Challenges for the cold chain within the COVID-19 vaccination cycle: 

Successful vaccination programs in Kaolack rely on functional supply chain and logistics systems from start to finish. The role of the supply chain is to ensure effective storage, handling, and management of vaccines through rigorous control of temperature in the cold chain and the maintenance of information systems and logistics management.

Based on the above, we see the following challenges:

1. Infrastructure:

Storage capacity makes it difficult to reach the vaccination goal, so it must be managed appropriately.

2. Distribution planning:

Derived from the times and objectives established to vaccinate the entire population in Louga, efforts should be focused to synchronize the manufacturing processes, transportation, and customs documentation so that the vaccines arrive satisfactorily. In addition, the guarantee of applying second doses —within the recommended times— that is from the same brand/lot that was supplied in the first stage, is a key point to cover.

3. Security:

A variable to consider in Senegal is security inland transportation, since the rates of drug theft on the routes that go from the ports to the country put the distribution of vaccines on a red alert.

4. Traceability and management of temperature ranges:

To ensure that vaccines do not lose their properties throughout their distribution and storage in Saint Louis, it is necessary to invest in technology that provides traceability and visibility of temperature ranges.

At, we will help you find the best solution to cold storage and preserve the products in your business.

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Opportunities that arise with us:

– Greater participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in value chains in the region is promoted

– Senegal is presented as the best option to receive investments to effectively restructure the value chains, expand those that are in the process of consolidation and create new ones from the relocation of production processes to our territory

– Senegal has competitive advantages to join the supply chains for products that will no longer be imported to the United States from Asia

– The opportunities within the cold storage are oriented in four general points:

1. End-to-end traceability and visibility of the cold chain to avoid ruptures and losses: according to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), each year it is lost about 14% of the world’s food in the first stage of the supply chain before it reaches retail.

On the other hand, data from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that 25% of vaccines arrive at their destination in degraded conditions due to poor transportation.

2. Regulatory compliance: part of the challenges for the cold chain are disruptions and the ability to adopt new technologies that help monitor and ensure regulatory compliance. Such technologies could be:

– Incorporation of sensors and reports in real-time

– Blockchain

– Machine Learning

– Internet of Things (IoT)

– Other

3. Management of costs for storage, transportation, and maintenance of inventories in Mbour, Senegal still has opportunities to improve logistics costs, for which it is necessary to adopt not only technology but also better practices such as:

– Studies of logistics network

– Investment decisions or asset renewal

– Working capital management

4. Training of operational personnel: disruption, the adoption of new technologies, and any improvement initiative cannot be successful without the human component, therefore specialized teams capable of leading and managing changes must be prepared.
Now, let’s learn what is the cold storage project cost in Senegal?

cold storage project cost in Senegal

Cold storage project cost in Senegal:

The total cold storage project cost in Senegal would be approximately 3.5 to 4 Crore including the cost of the land. However, the exact figure depends on several factors.

To know more about cold storage project cost in Senegal, do contact us and we will guide you through everything. Cold chains have evolved thanks to supply chain disruption, increased demand for services, and population growth. In Senegal, there are regulations for the storage and distribution of perishable products and medicines that could pose great challenges for organizations.

Based on the organization’s strategic plan and the review of existing opportunities, invest to bring the current cold chain to another level of maturity.

Currently, some organizations are already sharing part of their cold chain to make a joint distribution. With this, they leverage the existing infrastructure and establish alliances to be able to reach the target market.

The main challenges that cold storage will face in the following years in Diourbel will be supply chain disruptions, growth in demand for services, and population growth.

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What do we offer in the cold storage business in Senegal?

Here are all the things we take care of in the Cold Storage Business In Senegal.

Things we offer you:

Installation of systems for refrigeration chambers and refrigerators, in industrial warehouses or industrial plants in Ziguinchor, for the storage or freezing of food installation of cold machines for the commercial sector. It can operate in different degrees, depending on the fresh products they need maintain Centralized air conditioning systems, with the necessary power to be considered as industrial cold.

Installation, repair, and maintenance:

In addition, we offer a repair and maintenance service, to fully satisfy the needs of our customers, with a quick response. We offer a comprehensive industrial cold service for commercial and industrial companies. Call us to know about the cold storage project cost in Senegal.

We carry out all our services in different areas of cold storage and many more municipalities. Contact us and find out.

If you are interested in the installation, repair, and maintenance of machinery for industrial or commercial refrigeration in your business, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.

At, we are here to let you know about the cold storage project cost in Senegal. We are specialists in the industrial cold in India and abroad. We carry out a commercial and industrial refrigeration service within the cold chain and storage system.

Our workers, with years of experience in this sector, will help you find the best solution to refrigerate and preserve the products in your Cold Storage Business in Senegal. We take care of designing, maintaining, and repairing cold rooms in India and many other countries, as well as the installation of your business machinery. We execute the necessary configuration that the company requires according to its needs.

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