Cold Storage Project cost

Cold Storage Project cost

Cold storage project cost is one of the hot topics. Would you want to start a cold storage business? Find more details about the cold storage business plan and get references from the professionals to start on. Here in this article, you can consider all the details that include investment, cost, profitability, and subsidy information.

If anyone is seeking a one-time investment business then cold storage is the right option for you. Basically, you need to know about the cold storage project cost. The amount of initial investment is higher in comparison to other small businesses. However cold storage chain is a kind of business that needs constant returns for the long term.

Need for Cold storage

 Cold storage is one of the profitable businesses in developed and developing countries. Thus, there is a need to find the right cold storage project cost to start a business, besides arranging storage facilities. The cold storage plant cost is as per your requirement of a specific unit.

It is not easy to change food habits. There are 3443 cold storage units available in India and 2097 are available in the private sector. Furthermore, only 303 cold storage units are in the Cooperative sector. Due to lack of cold storage facilities, results in food waste and spoilage. Thus, it becomes crucial for most food products to reach the market for sale to avoid wastage.

Cold Storage cost

Right now, the Government of India is promoting the cold storage warehouse. If anyone wants to start a cold storage business in India, they can get financial help from the government. It will help in meeting the cold storage project cost. Furthermore, the government of India is providing 50% to 75% on an investment of cold storage plant cost.

Nationalized Banks are also providing subsidies and loans for cold storage project costs. Recently the Cabinet has approved an amount of 6000 crore rupees to set up cold storage plants. According to the resources, the country needs more than 3.5 crore tonnes capacity for cold storage facilities. Again, people wishing to start a business can use this time to get financial help from the Government of India. You need not worry about the cost of a 50 MT cold storage business.

The fact is nearly one-third of horticultural production in India includes vegetables and fruits. But all these fruits and vegetables get waste because India has fewer resources of cold storage units. Nevertheless, wastage of vegetables and fruits is increasing because of post-harvest management and lack of facilities. The estimation of cost is up to rupees 500 billion early. Due to this, the country is experiencing a wide fluctuation in prices of horticultural production, besides onions and potatoes. The cold storage project cost will benefit further if the exports of Agricultural and Other productions increase.


Cost of 50 MT cold storage

The cost of a 50 MT cold storage is based on the following factors. Here you can check for all the factors one must know about the cost of a 50 MT cold storage project-

  • Items you want to restore
  • The storage capacity of different items
  • Different kind of compressors required for reciprocating
  • Period of such items that need to be restored.
  • The required amount of temperature for the cold storage units
  • Frequent intake
  • Required loading time
  • Door opening frequency
  • Unloading frequency
  • Cooling types such as fast cooling or pre-conditioning
  • Type of thickness and insulation

According to the Thumb Rule, the cost of 50 mt cold storage is around 9 lacs without including the cost of land.

The actual cost of 50 mt cold storage project is calculated based on-

50 Ton x 360 days / Year = 18000 Annual Ton Year x 50/- per Annual Ton = 9, 00,000/-

Cost of 100 MT cold storage

 Do you want to start a cold storage business? The project of 100 MT cold storage in any location, in the country, is going to be a high investment. It doesn’t matter whether it is near to the producing farms as well as consumer centers. The cost of a 100 MT cold storage may be ranging from around 15 to 20 lakh. Hence, one must get the right details about storage facilities in India or anywhere, if you wish to set up one. Though, most of the cold storage is in use to store potatoes.

Additionally, 100 MT cold storage units are featuring a big chamber and technology. If you wish to set up one with rich features, it will cost around 60 to 70 lakh rupees. This is the actual cost of a 100 MT cold storage business setup. The cost of land relies on the place you live and where you choose to start the project.

Furthermore, for a basic setup of a 100 MT cold storage project, you have to pay 15 to 20 lakh rupees. It is the right cost of 100 MT cold storage. Besides a 35% Subsidy amount is available from the government to acquire the cold storage set. For more details, you can contact executives of Nationalized Banks and other resources.

Cold storage plant cost

The initial investment of a cold storage plant cost is high. Generally, the investment of a cold storage project cost includes building construction, acquiring the land, obtaining permission, licensing, management of utilities such as electricity and water. Besides, you have to invest the most in startup capital to get the cooling machinery. It is one of the updated and modern machinery that gives better performance.

Cold storage is one of the Paramount industries. Cold storage is useful to preserve vegetables and fruits, in addition to other food resources. Cold storage is used to set up a link between the consumption of perishable products and production. Modern conservation of perishable food products in cold storage is beneficial. It increases the shelf life of all these commodities and also, helps in consuming the food over a long time. The cold storage facility is available in different states of the country. Any new entrepreneur dealing with fruits and vegetables must know about the cold storage plant cost. Knowing and investing in cold storage ensures you save them from spoilage or wastage.

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