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Acquiring a cold room for your business is not an easy task because you will need to consider a wide range of factors and requirements to ensure you get the cold room (as it is also known) that best meets your needs. In this guide, we will learn more about cold storage and cold storage room price India.

This is an essential component of many facilities. A cold room allows you to store and preserve a wide variety of products with better use of space and greater energy efficiency than any other cold storage solution.

The experts at, will be delighted to help you choose the cold storage room that is perfectly suited to your business needs. If you want more advice on how to choose a cold room, you can contact us by phone at 3119784 in Bogotá, by email; or by filling out our contact form on this site. By the end of this blog, we will also learn what is the cold storage room price India.

First data to take into account:

City and temperature where the cold room will be installed:

If we know the difference between the temperature at which the product enters and its ideal storage temperature, we will already have the first factor to make calculations.

How much volume or weight of the product do you want to store?

Another good parameter to calculate the size of a cold room is to take 200 kilograms as the maximum amount of storage per cubic meter of space; this is just a guide that does not necessarily fit all calculations.

Will the relative humidity inside the room be a factor to consider?

If seeds are to be stored, it may be necessary to install a Dehumidifier to prevent the seeds from germinating and spoiling.

Otherwise, if vegetables, fruits, or vegetables are to be preserved, humidification equipment may be required; to avoid deterioration in presentation and weight loss of stored products, which is the same as talking about the loss of money. Remember that most plant products generally contain 80% water in their weight.

How does a cold room work?

A cold room works in much the same way as a domestic refrigerator: by isolating an area and using refrigerant-equipped compressor units to lower the interior temperature to a level specified by a digital or analog thermostat.

cold storage room price india

In general, refrigeration units work by heat exchange, with air passing through the evaporator, cooled by the use of refrigerant chemicals, and then expelled to circulate in the cold room, lowering the overall temperature.

Cold room insulation is one of the vital features! as it prevents the room from becoming a heat sink, which would draw in heat from the environment until temperatures equalize.

Without insulation, heat will leak out, forcing the cooling unit to work harder to keep the interior cool, greatly increasing power consumption and potentially causing the cooling unit to burn out. Insulation is not just the walls of the cold room, as insulated floors are also crucial, as are insulated ceilings and doors, in creating an environment with maximum insulation for cold storage.

What is the Cold storage room price India?

The cold storage room price India is around 5 lakh to 8.5 lakh. However, it depends on the size and the types of cold storage room you buy.

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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