Cold storage setup cost

Cold storage setup cost

Cold storage is a place where you can keep all the perishable food items as long as possible. Within cold storage, there are different types of vegetables, process meat, fruits, seasonal fruits, etc. you can keep. Cold storage includes a freezer which protects fruits and vegetables at different temperature. There are different types of temperature requirements for different products and you can set temperature and control all the time. Now, before set up cold storage business it’s always essential to take proper advice or calculate the cost of setting up cold storage.

The first and main thing is cold storage setup cost. You have to prepare a business plan and budget both. Based on the budget, you have to calculate how much you need to invest or take a loan and how much you will get from the government as a subsidy. Once you got a clear idea, then you can prepare documents for loan applications and government subsidy.

cost of setting up cold storage

What are the things investors consider?

If you are planning for cold storage business, then you have to follow some important points like, choose a location which properly connected by road, check drainage system and you have to choose always a land which you can convert into non-agricultural land. You have to take permission from the local authorized for the construction of cold storage. Now, after that, you need to calculate the cost of cold storage setup cost. You have to evaluate the market size and product quantity and based on that you have to choose the best area. You need to analyze the proper refrigerator type and refrigeration system as well. You have to also check the water system. You also need to choose standby equipment and then the cost of setting up cold storage. 

Know the complete investment details approx.

How much you need to invest in the cold storage business depends on many factors. If you calculate cold storage setup cost. you will get approx budget. The main factor is location, area of the cold storage, equipment, machinery, and other things. Suppose, for example, if you are planning for 10 MT cold storage, then you have to add machinery cost, building cost, electricity, insurance, other generator and accessories, miscellaneous costs, and installation charges, etc. So, approx. you may have to invest for 192-200 sq. ft cold storage room approx 13 to 14 lakh. Now, within 14 lakh, the government will offer a subsidy which is almost 60% and the rest amount you need to pay. This is the approx. cold storage setup cost.

One thing you have to remember, Cold storage is a very profitable business but to set up this business companies need to invest huge money. You have to prepare yourself for intense capital needs. You have to believe in auto planning and smart implementation. If you want to set up multi-commodity cold storage of 10,000 tonnes, you need to invest almost 20 core and the payback period will be 6-7 years means cold storage setup cost In India, you can also narrow the space and total quantity and save some money. But proper consultancy or guidance is required always.

Hire the best consultant for costing

Yes, this is one of the best decision if you have already taken. For cost calculation regarding cold storage, hiring a consulting firm or company always better. It’s not like as I am having 25+ years of experience in this field so you have to hire me but my job is to inform you regarding the consultant importance. A consultant always guides you as they have sufficient experience to establish a cold storage business without facing much trouble. They know suppliers, machinery details, documents details, how to deal, location, and cold storage setup cost, everything. Once you hire a consultant you don’t need to worry about setting up this project. It will be their responsibility to establish your cold storage business successfully.

Once you have an idea of cold storage setup cost you can easily move further. You don’t need to worry about the excess pressure or more money because you have already calculated the price and based on that you have applied for a subsidy. This helps to establish your cold storage business fast. It’s very essential to know the cost of setting up cold storage always. Try to grab the best deal always. If you choose us, we will guide you at every step. We have strong knowledge and we have an experienced team. I have already set up 160+ cold storage worldwide, so I can guide you and help you to move further. You don’t need to worry because I have strong experience, know proper resources, suppliers and manufacturers who will provide you always the best guide. So, you don’t need to worry after hiring my consultancy service. Implement cold storage and start marketing and promotion to get a good result.

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Yogesh Dahiya

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