Cold Storage Subsidy in Gujarat

cold storage subsidy in gujarat

Consolidating your cold storage into a single space improves the efficiency of the available space in one area. In a large cold room, the storage area is in one place surrounded by a single set of polyurethane insulated walls and doors, with a single cooling unit for the entire chilled space. Are you planning to jump into this business, let’s learn more about cold storage in the following blog. We will also check what is the cold storage subsidy in Gujarat.

In a refrigerator bank, that offers equivalent storage space, the space is divided into many smaller pieces, and each cold storage fridge or freezer is surrounded by its walls and doors. Each space will be separated from another not only by its wall, but also by the wall of the next refrigerator, and each will have its cooling unit, which will require much more energy to operate.

As a result, the same amount of cold storage space will take up much more of your business premises than it would otherwise – space that is valuable and could be better used in other ways.



Better use of energy:

In addition to the more sensible use of space, consolidating your cold storage in one room provides better energy efficiency. The thicker and more effective insulation of a chamber means that the temperature inside a cold room is much more stable than in a smaller refrigerator.

Therefore, the cooling unit does not need to work as hard to maintain an optimal operating temperature. In addition to this, it is more energy-efficient to operate one cooling unit than it is to operate a dozen smaller units.

In general, choosing a cold room over a group of refrigerators is a great way to keep your company’s energy bill healthy and costs low.

More storage capacity:

The larger space available within a cold room compared to the divided spaces available in multiple refrigerators means that larger, bulk items can be easily stored. But, it also means that furniture such as shelving can be installed, providing more opportunities for organizing and streamlining your storage solutions; so your inventory will always be easy to find.

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Why buy a freezer?

As the name implies, a large enough freezer room can allow your staff to enter the chamber to retrieve frozen products. The freezer rooms available at Exhibit Industrial Equipment are capable of reaching temperatures between 0 ° C and -40 ° C, making them powerful coolers, suitable for deep freezing and deep freezing.

While microbial action slows down at refrigeration temperatures, prolonging the shelf life of food and other biodegradable items; This can be completely stopped at freezing temperatures, preserving these products almost indefinitely.

If you need to be able to keep products for long periods or to keep them at a certain point in their aging, then the ideal option for you is a freezer.

As with positive temperature chiller cold rooms, a freezer provides large amounts of cold storage in space and energy-saving way and maybe the best option for your business.

What is a cold room used for?

A cold room is used to preserve products that would degrade at higher temperatures, including food, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and horticultural supplies, and even operational IT servers that must not accumulate too much heat or they will suffer a decrease in performance and lifespan.

The temperatures of a cold room can range between 0 ° C and 18 ° Celsius, these ensure that the goods and materials stored inside are kept at a temperature low enough to preserve them, avoiding the action of microbes to decompose or degrade them as would happen at higher temperatures.

Cold rooms for the food and beverage industry, as well as in supermarkets and restaurants, keep food inside in the same way that a kitchen refrigerator does. In cold rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, a cold room protects pharmaceuticals from degradation at higher temperatures, and in the technology industry, delicate IT equipment that must be kept cool is protected against overheating by placing it in a cold room.

cold storage subsidy

What are your existing facilities?

At, we work with your existing facilities to provide a full service to your cold room, ensuring minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities and productivity. However, no two facilities are the same: if your facility already has a large space where the cold room can be installed, the installation will be smoother than if you need to clean a space or renovate your facility to make room. Whatever your existing facilities, at, we can help you find the perfect cold storage solution. We recommend starting your own cold storage business as you will be getting cold storage subsidy.

Now, let’s find out what is the cold storage subsidy in Gujarat?

What is the cold storage subsidy in Gujarat?

Cold storage subsidy in Gujarat will be 25 Lakh per unit with a capacity of 6 MT. And credit linked back-ended subsidy is around 35% of your total project cost in general locations and 50% for hilly and scheduled locations.

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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