Cold storage subsidy in Haryana

cold storage subsidy in haryana

Industrial cold solutions must perfectly combine technology, efficiency, and high performance with maximum energy savings. That is always depending on the needs and technical characteristics of each project.

A constant work-based, as it cannot be otherwise, on experience and innovation. For this reason, defining what the cold industry is, how it is produced and what has been its evolution, is vital to understand the importance it has in the industry. Also, you should be aware that you can get Cold storage subsidy in Haryana.

Industrial cold is a complex field, where trust and technical security are fundamental assets, where each project, each installation, is a new challenge.

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In this article, we want to go to the essence, to define in the best possible way what industrial cold is, what characteristics it has and what is its importance. We first determine the production of cold as the generation of temperatures below ambient, through non-natural means. Start your business and avail Cold storage subsidy in Haryana.

What is the Cold Storage Subsidy in Haryana?

FPO – Farmers Producers Organizations in Haryana can be obtained from 70% to 90% subsidy to set up a pack house as the state government has reserved 510 rs crores for the vegetables and fruits in the state.

The importance of cold today is based on several benefits:

  • The decrease in ambient temperature facilitates comfort.
  • This results in a healthy life and a reduction in the rate of decomposition of organic matter that makes it possible to preserve food and other materials during storage and distribution.
  • Yes, cold contributes to an improvement in the quality of life, without the possibility of producing cold 40% of world food production would be lost.
  • The different industrial processes in which to apply industrial cold today.
  • Refrigeration developments for refrigeration chambers and refrigerators, established in warehouses or industrial plants whose purpose is the storage or freezing of food. Sea, land, and air transport of cargo that needs a low temperature to store.

Cold stations, as well as dispensing machinery that operates between 1 and 4ºC for fresh, and -18 and -30 ° C for frozen.

Although, it may correspond to centralized air conditioning systems, due to their power and capacity they can perfectly be classified as industrial cold equipment. Get in touch with us to know about Cold storage subsidy in Haryana.

The birth and subsequent development of industrial cold in the modern era:

A good way to write the history of cold production is based on the design criteria that have dominated the industry and those that are destined to prevail in the future.

At first, with the development of the industrial revolution and until the 1930s, machines were designed under criteria of constructive feasibility and reliability.

Starting in the 1930s, with the arrival of halogenated hydrocarbons through General Motors, the production of industrial cold managed to lower the price of its products and make them safer, refrigeration was introduced into homes and becoming a fundamental element in the supply chain.

It is here where the exponential leap takes place and the machinery begins to be advertised under economic and safety criteria.

In the 70s, with the oil crisis, there will be a greater awareness of energy saving, and also other criteria such as the noise generated and the volume of the equipment begin to take on greater importance.

Later, with the discovery and importance of the effect of halogenated hydrocarbons on the ozone layer, refrigeration equipment began to be designed to be able to work with new refrigerants.

The last few years are marked by the strong and positive reaction of the administration in the fight against the destruction of the ozone layer, in addition to the reaction against the greenhouse effect, which requires reducing electricity consumption in the refrigeration sector, replacing the energetic sources of the teams.

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