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There are multiple factors to consider in cold storage technology. Cold storage is a place where perishable goods are stored by creating an artificial environment to keep those goods fresh for long durations of time. Cold storage keeps the perishable goods at the optimum temperature to keep them fresh. Keeping the products at a set temperature will make them last longer and reduce the risk of getting damaged.

Why should we use cold storage?

For instance, take the example of fruits. You need to keep the fruits fresh until they are sold. By using a cold storage unit you can make sure that the fruits remain fresh and are very less likely to get degraded.

When these goods are not stored at the right temperatures, they get spoilt. You will be able to observe the degradation of the perishable goods as they change their odor, color, and texture. In most cases, you might not be able to notice these changes. You may consume these foods thinking they are fresh. This may lead to serious food poisoning.

A wide range of disease-causing germs is present in fruits and vegetables. These germs cause the fruits and vegetables to get degraded from the inside. If these goods are consumed you may be prone to some serious health diseases.

The producer can expect profits only if his products are of high quality. Sometimes due to carelessness or because of having no idea about how to store goods producer may sell spoilt goods.

When spoilt goods are sold it leads to customer dissatisfaction which may lead to long-term losses for the producer.

To avoid this occurrence farmers, use cold storage. Cold storages maintain an optimum temperature and pressure for the perishable goods to remain fresh for a long period. Is most commonly practiced by farmers as they do not want to end up in losses.

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Why Are Perishable Goods Stored In Cold Storage

Important features of cold storage Technology:

Cold storage units usually range from small rooms to large refrigerated commercial warehouses.

Some of the crucial elements in cold storage Technology are the refrigeration system, temperature monitoring equipment, room insulation, and lighting.There should also be a continuous availability e of electricity for refrigeration and lighting purposes.

These cold storages also are found in the form of containers which are used to ship to large distances while simultaneously keeping them refrigerated.

How does cold storage technology help?

The main aim of cold storage technology is to produce food loss and wastage. To ensure that there is no food loss or wastage, the following instructions need to be followed.

The first and the most important step is to wrap the products properly with no gaps or holes for air to flow. Complete insulation must be ensured while packing the products.

The goods should not be stacked on the cold storage floor or directly in contact with the walls. Leave some space for the cold air to flow below and around the goods. This airflow ensures leather goods are fresh.

It must be made sure that the goods are frozen before storing them in cold storage. The freezing should also be done at optimum temperature.Make sure that the freezing air doesn’t directly go into the products.

Any form of warming the temperature near the products or any warm things coming in contact with the products must be avoided at any cost.

If the products stored in the cold storage unit are more than their capacity you may observe a rise in temperature which leads to the degradation of products. Hence it should always be made sure that you select a cold storage unit by the volume of goods that you have to store.

There should be round-the-clock monitoring of the temperature, pressure, and humidity in the storage unit. If any anomalies are found they have to be reported immediately and are needed to be dealt with instantly.

A regular inspection of products must be carried on and their conditions must be noted down every time. These noted down conditions must be compared to each other and the optimum conditions.

Make sure that the cooling equipment is kept in condition and conduct regular check-ups with the equipment. They require proper maintenance for the effective running of the facility.

Usually, the changing of temperature and humidity is done by an operator. The operator must be present at the cold storage unit to change the temperature and management of conditions in the cold storage unit.

The operator must not show any negligence as it may lead to irregularities in the freshness of the products. There should be automated equipment present in the cold storage units which work upon the previous information and the requirements of the producer. But there should be human intervention as nothing is more valuable than human experience.

Electronic sensors are used to keep a check on the conditions of the products. The system must be able to be controlled remotely from anywhere as sometimes the operator might not be present there or the physical presence in the cold storage unit is not possible due to the conditions.

The day-to-day data must be stored and maintained for regular analysis which helps in the effective running of the cold storage unit.

There are many harmful effects of cold storage units on the atmosphere. This is because of the presence of halocarbons in refrigerators.

The halocarbons released into the atmosphere lead to many harmful effects on the environment. These halocarbons cause ozone layer depletion.

They are one of the greenhouse gases. They cause global warming. Moreover, there is a huge usage of electricity. This increases the carbon footprint.

A carbon footprint is nothing but the amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. More carbon dioxide will lead to an increase in global warming. Here we can make use of green cold storage Technology. Solar-powered storage units are to be established to save power.

The water rundown from the facility may be used again by the treatment of wastewater. This is also a firm of cold storage technology.

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