Cold storage warehouse construction cost

Cold storage warehouse construction cost

The purpose of an automated cold store is to streamline processes and increase safety, both for the operators and the merchandise. To automate a warehouse, automated handling equipment must be installed, such as stacker cranes for pallets or boxes (mini loads).

These storage systems are usually fed by conveyors, which accelerate the flow of goods and prevent operators from moving the stock in unfavorable environmental conditions.

Likewise, a Pallet Shuttle can be implemented together with a stacker crane, to further compact the merchandise. Although in chambers with a lower volume of orders, it is recommended to use the Pallet Shuttle with forklifts.

So far, we have described solutions for storing merchandise, but can order picking be automated? Tools such as robotic arms are ideal to avoid exposing operators to the cold and at the same time guarantee maximum productivity in order preparation. This is the case, for example, of the solution implemented by Natural Storage Solutions Pvt.Ltd. the warehouse of the logistics operator. Get in touch with us to know about the Cold storage warehouse construction cost.

All these automated elements that we have detailed could not operate safely and effectively without a Pallet Inspection Station that ensures that each package that enters the warehouse meets the required requirements. Its function is to check the weight of the load, the strapping, and the condition of the pallet, among other things.

Advantages of automating a cold store:

With the implementation of storage systems and automatic handling equipment, companies with cold stores will obtain:

– Higher productivity: in freezing environments, only automation guarantees a high frequency of entry and exit cycles, as excessive exposure of operators to these temperatures can be harmful to their health.

– More efficient picking: the implementation of automatic or semi-automatic picking systems ─such as voice-picking or pick-to-light─ shortens the time of operators inside the cold room, optimizing picking routes and achieving order preparation more efficiently.

– An increase in safety and hygiene: automated cold stores ensure the safety of both the products, reducing errors in their management, and the operators, who are not exposed to extreme environmental conditions. In addition, automation ensures hygiene in all logistics processes, a key factor in sectors such as food or pharmaceuticals.

– A saving in logistics costs: energy is the most precious commodity in cold rooms. Automatic solutions optimize storage capacity, so energy consumption per pallet is lower. Contact us at Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to know about Cold storage warehouse construction costs.

– Optimization of storage space: solutions such as the Pallet Shuttle help to compact storage space by eliminating aisles in the warehouse.

With these advantages, and in a context where customers demand greater agility in shipments, automation is essential to increase the frequency of combined warehouse entry and exit cycles and, above all, to maximize profits for the company.

Elements of a Cold Storage room:

Another important element of a cold room is the door. This can be of different types, pivoting, sliding, insulating canvas, etc. Its mission is to allow passage into the chamber in the most appropriate and necessary conditions.

Cold storage equipment:

The other essential element of a cold room is the one corresponding to the refrigeration equipment.

This must be studied properly and its need is given by different factors such as the product to be stored, the temperature to be reached in the chamber or in the soul of the product. The temperature jumps from entering the chamber to its maintenance, the length of stay of the product in the chamber. The average rotation of the merchandise, the cubic meters of the room to be cooled, or the difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the chamber.

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All these values must be studied and based on this, thermal cooling needs are obtained that will give us values that such refrigeration equipment must achieve. That also affects the Cold storage warehouse construction cost.

Efficiency and optimization for the cold store:

The new rhythms of life, in which more and more frozen foods are consumed, have fostered an interest in cold stores. However, let us not forget that cold storage implies exhaustive control over the safety of the product in all processes, in order to ensure traceability in real-time throughout all warehouse processes.

If this requirement is compounded by the impact of the high logistics costs involved in operating cold in a storage facility, the companies that own these logistics centers must consider solutions that guarantee the efficiency and optimization of storage space.

At Natural Storage Solutions Pvt.Ltd., we have years of experience advising and implementing manual and automatic solutions in cold stores. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you on the best solution to multiply productivity in your installation. Also, you can contact us to know about the Cold storage warehouse construction cost.

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