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Cold storage is very useful for storing your products at low temperatures. Professional cold storage is a refrigeration device that allows products to be kept at a low temperature for a limited period. Today, we will check the cold storage warehouse cost.

The storage space will improve the conservation of all your foodstuffs: meats, vegetables, fruits, fish, etc. in very large quantities. Thanks to its modular dimensions, it is possible to choose professional cold storage according to the needs of your establishment.

Some are even installed as a kit for smaller spaces. Entirely made with isothermal sandwich panels, your cold storage will be ensured of the waterproofing of the walls.
This refrigeration equipment is also protected against rust thanks to its non-slip floor. Finally, depending on your needs, you can choose between positive or negative professional cold storage. At the end of this blog, we will learn what is the cold storage warehouse cost?

What is the difference between positive and negative cold storage?

Now, let’s find out what is the difference between positive and negative cold storage? There are two versions of professional cold storage: positive and negative. They both serve the same purpose. The only difference is in the temperature generated inside this storage space.

Positive cold storage:

Professionals in the catering and agro-food sector generally use professional cold storage. The positive model has the advantage of maintaining the quality and freshness of refrigerated products. Positive cold storage generates a temperature between 2 to 10 ° C to preserve foodstuffs for a limited period.


Negative cold storage:

Negative cold storage is also intended to store and keep products at a good temperature. The difference between the two models is in the freezing system. Indeed, negative cold storage will generate a temperature below 0 ° C. The goal is to increase the shelf life of your food.

What type of refrigeration should you choose for your professional cold storage?

A cold storage warehouse is generally divided into two categories of cold: static cold and ventilated cold. Static cold allows diffusing the cold in the professional cold storage by being distributed naturally.

This means that the cold air will stay on the surface, in the lower part, while the hot air will rise in the chamber. To do this, it is therefore important to put products that require colder storage at the bottom of the cold storage. Ventilated cold on the contrary, the ventilated cold will be a cold diffused and distributed uniformly throughout the cold storage thanks to a ventilation system.

Thus, all your products will be preserved in the best possible way. In addition, the ventilated cold allows reducing the humidity level in the cold storage thus preventing the formation of frost and therefore, considerably reducing the risk of failure caused by frost.

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What automated solutions can do?

Taking care of industrial accesses is essential so that the temperature cycles are not altered. One way to maximize activity is through automated doors for this area, which ensure efficient, fast, and safe operation, improving cold logistics, but also the day-to-day life of people and machine maintenance.

From, we offer different types of solutions according to the specific needs of each business. One of these solutions is high-speed sectional doors, with an opening speed of up to one meter per second, capable of increasing the operational efficiency of the business and saving energy. Let us consider that greater regulation of the temperature translates into less loss of heat, energy, CO2 emissions, and savings in costs.

What is the cold storage warehouse cost?

The cold storage warehouse cost will be around 2.00 Crore to 5.00 Crore. However, it depends on the location and the types of cold storage you choose.

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