Cold store business plan

Cold store business plan

The cold room is a cold storage plan, designed for the storage of perishable products, such as fruits and vegetables and various foodstuffs. It generates low temperatures to refrigerate them under optimal conditions. Traders and professionals can thus keep fruit and vegetables fresh there to offer consumers hygienic and good quality products.

These foods in particular tend to rot quickly if not stored properly. The required storage temperature varies between 0 ° C and + 8 ° C. The positive cold room, therefore, turns out to be the ideal equipment to store them.

The positive cold room for storing fruits and vegetables:

If you are planning for a cold storage business plan, it is important to know that fruits and vegetables are fresher and tastier when eaten after harvest.

But it can take days before they reach consumers. Hence the importance of storing them in a positive cold room. This maintains the freshness as well as the nutritional and taste qualities of these food products. Its role is essential in the cold chain.

Whether you are restaurateurs, distributors, traders, or other food specialists, you must respect the cold storage plan to maintain optimal conditions and serve your customers with quality food products.

Therefore, you must equip yourself with a positive cold room to accommodate fruits and vegetables while waiting for their use or consumption. Beyond the need for such an installation, you also need to know the right tips to optimize the preservation of these foods.

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Tips for optimizing the conservation of your fruits and vegetables:

For the cold storage plan, the self-life of fruits and vegetables depends largely on the temperature level where you store them. Generally speaking, a temperature of between 6 and 10 ° C is suitable for most varieties. However, there are exceptions such as exotic fruits requiring a temperature of 12 ° C and above so as not to brown or even eggplants, zucchini, and peppers which must be kept at a temperature of 10 ° C and above.

To go further in the cold storage plan, plants usually emit odors or gas called ethylene. Vegetables and fruits that are too fragrant such as cabbages, leeks, onions, etc. can affect the taste of other vegetables and fruits. You must therefore separate their storage in the cold room.

Also, “climacteric” fruits and vegetables (e.g: melons, mangoes, ripe bananas, passion fruits, avocados, apples, peaches, pears, papayas, apricots, etc.) produce ethylene and accelerate the ripening of the fruits.

“Non-climacteric” plants (eg: salads, kiwis, endives, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, beans, etc.). In other words, you should also place them on different shelves for better conservation.

What is a positive cold room made of?

When designing a cold store business plan, positive cold storage is made up of two main elements: the insulation panels, the width and dimensions of which are customizable, and the refrigeration unit, responsible for producing the cold. The refrigeration unit guarantees the proper functioning of the refrigeration circuit thanks to several components: the compressor, the expansion valve, the dehydrator, and the evaporator.

A refrigeration chamber can also be prefabricated and non-removable or modular and removable. The first is equipped with an integrated monobloc group and the second with a split group (one of the blocks is placed inside the enclosure and the other in a technical room).

For cold storage business plan, to choose your cold room for fruits and vegetables, you must consider the volume suitable for your space. The refrigeration capacity required, the method of installation, and the price. You can buy kits like panels, evaporators, compressors, accessories, etc., from commercial refrigeration specialists.

cold storage plan

The choice of cold storage panels:

In general, criteria such as thickness and materials are referred to when choosing bedroom insulation panels. You will notice that the standard panels contain polyurethane foam guaranteeing better insulation.

For a positive cold room, you need at least 60 mm thick compared to a minimum of 100 mm for a negative cold room. The choice of dimensions, i.e. width, height, length, and volume, is up to you.

The floor is also customizable: classic for human traffic or reinforced for the movement of trolleys. The same goes for the door which can be pivoting or sliding to facilitate access to your cold room for fruits and vegetables.

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Selection of the refrigeration unit:

While designing a cold store business plan, the refrigeration unit and its components (compressors, expansion valve, drier, and evaporator) can be purchased separately. In general, the monobloc or horse-drawn unit meets the refrigeration demand of small capacity cold rooms. It has the particularity of forming a single block and being easy to install either on the wall or on the ceiling of the cold room.

Faced with a greater refrigeration demand, the split or remote unit is an excellent choice. The fact that the two blocks are placed inside and outside reduces the discomfort from the noise and heat emitted by the group’s engine. A refrigeration engineer must take care of its assembly.

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  1. I’m glad that you mention that cold storage chambers can be modular and removable. My cousin wants to start her own catering business but has been worried about having the right storage for the ingredients. Maybe she can research cold storage services online to find something that fits her available space and could also be moved if necessary.

  2. I’m glad you explained how cold storage units get built and what equipment they use. One of my friends wants to install a cold room for his new business, so I think your guide will definitely help him buy the right equipment. Thanks for the information on cold rooms and how to make sure yours keeps your goods at the right temperature.


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