Cost of cold storage plant

cost of cold storage plant

In India, every year 130 billion tons approx. fruits and vegetable production did but due to lack of cold storage, 18% of fruits and vegetables become wasted. The main bottleneck is the lack of proper cold storage in India. In India, most of the cold storage for single commodities like potatoes, lemon, onion, flower, orange, apple, etc. we need multipurpose cold storage which is large in our India to store different items together. This helps to increase the profit ratio and it will also create a good impact on the economy. So, you need to analyze the Cost of cold storage plant always and then need to proceed.

Every item in our India halts at different positions like from farmer to middle man, middle man to supplier then supplier to the distributor, and then in the market. So, within all these processes, we need to keep all the fruits and vegetables, meat and fish fresh. At this supply chain, we need a complete organized process that helps to make all the products fresh. Calculate Cost of cold storage plant and then need to proceed further. Check and select the best manufacturer or consultant who will help you in this regard!

Government benefits for cold storage 

In India, the government always encourages business owners to invest more in the cold storage business. They want to build more cold storage which helps to reduce the wastage quantity every year. Now day’s government of India, providing up to 50% subsidy for establishing cold storage business. Nationalized Indian bank also ready to provide you a loan for cold storage projects. In recent times, the government of India also approved 6000 crore rupees for a mega food processing unit. Government is always ready to provide you the best support and help to get maximum profit. Government project also helps to reduce the wastage of food. Calculate the Cost of cold storage plant is always important because it helps to save some money.

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What are the advantages of cold storage?

In India, we already have a lot of single product cold storage means small cold storage. But to stop wastage of every year, we need a large quantity huge cold storage. Once we can set up sufficient cold storage, we will be able to gain more profit. Cold storage can keep all types of fruits and vegetables and perishable items in the store and people able to get such fruits and vegetables throughout the year in the market. It also helps to reduce the wastage of fruits and vegetables and it helps to make those products fresh for the long run.

What about government subsidy!

Government of India, always ready to provide subsidies for the cold storage business. Before you invest in the cold storage business, it’s always essential to check and calculate the Cost of cold storage plant and then need to proceed. Now, once you make a business plan and calculate the cost of cold storage, after that, you can prepare documents for government subsidy. If you don’t have much knowledge of how to apply or which department you need to contact, then you should consult with us. I have a team of experts and myself Yogesh Dahiya and I am having 25+ years of experience in this field!

What are the benefits NSSPL provides?

My company NSSPL always ready to serve clients all over the world for cold storage and chilling plants. We have completed 160+ projects on cold storage units. We have already done cold storage in different countries like India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya, Africa, etc. we not only prepare documents but we also provide several other things. We will coordinate with you regarding all the documents and paperwork. We also help to find out which location will be suitable for you and then we will support till the end.

My company NSSPL always ready to provide you superior quality chilling or cooling machines and other details. We are one of the best manufacturing companies all over the world. You can contact us anytime for further proceed. Choose the best deal from us and set up cold storage for you.

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Calculate cost first 

Calculating the Cost of cold storage plant is always better because it offers several benefits. Once you are aware of how much you need to invest then you can prepare documents and papers for loan and government subsidy. The government of India always needs to check your financial cost total for the project and other expenses. Once the analysis and find suitable, then they will release the subsidy amount. Calculate the cost of the total amount and then proceed. Build cold storage with advanced technology and implement the latest technique. Contact us for the best advice and guidance which helps to build the best cold storage.

Yogesh Dahiya

Yogesh Dahiya

The Managing Director of Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd is known for his expertise in setting up cold storage, chilling plants and food processing units.

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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