Cost of cold storage

cost of cold storage

For any business setup, cost or financial budget always plays an important role. As per the business owner’s budget or financial capability one should choose the business. If you want to invest a huge amount once and want to get profit for the long term, then the cold storage business is always better. This is one of the best profitable businesses which provide you return for a long time. Cold storage is an expensive business but once you set up successfully you don’t need to worry about the ROI! You need proper advice, expert skill, and opinion, and cold room price. 

How to earn a profit from cold storage?

Before setting up cold storage, it’s essential to calculate the cost of cold storage properly. As per that, you need to complete make a draw about the budget, and based on that you will finalize the loan amount and cash flow. Another important point is the cold room price because here you need to invest a huge amount. Cold storage helps to keep fruits, vegetables, and perishable items safe for the long term. Due to cold storage throughout the year, people able to get fruits and vegetables easily. And the price of the product becomes also a minimum. Most of the business owners keep different fruits and vegetables in cold storage during the season, and when the season is over, then they will sell such products in the market. During this time the demand for such products will be high.

In this way, vendors able to maximize the profit. In the Agriculture sector, it’s essential to keep the fruits and vegetables properly to maximize profit. A report showing, that the Indian agriculture industry is making constant growth and the rate of the growth is 25.8%! if you want to earn profit more, then you should check the cost of cold storage always. There are different types of cold storage available in the market and you may choose any type of cold storage as per your need and requirement.

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Fix a budget always!

Before start a cold storage project, the cost of cold storage means total budget plays an important role. It’s always essential to know how much you need to invest for small cold storage or large cold storage. The answer should know someone who has years of experience in this field. An experienced consultant always focuses on customers’ needs and based on the country where they want to open cold storage, they will prepare a business plan and financial analysis.

The main function of cold storage is to protect perishable foods. To protect perishable foods like fish, meat, milk, they need proper room temperature. You can use a blast freezer to keep all those items properly. Before dispatch, manufacturers or distributors keep all those items in the cold storage properly. It also protects perishable nutrient products. You can also keep dairy products as well here because cold storage also includes a temperature control system. Fruits, vegetables, and all perishable items provide huge cold storage incomeCalculate the cost of cold storage before proceeding further.

Project cost details

In India, due to a poor cold storage system, every year 30% of fruits and vegetables become wastage. Due to lack of proper storage, lots of fruits and vegetable wastage and it made billions of loss annually. The price of the products also fluctuates because India does not have a proper cold storage business.

If you want to know the cost of cold storage, before that you have to consider few points like

  • the capacity of cold storage room
  • type of cold storage room
  • the land where you want to open it
  • cold machines
  • cold room price utilities, electric and other important factors

You can set up cold storage within a few lakhs and if you wish, you can invest crores to make huge cold storage. The minimum cost requires for cold storage 50 lakhs and if you want to set up large cold storage, then you have to invest crores. Another important point is cold room price, whether you will take rent a room or purchase the land for cold storage, here you need a huge investment. Once you are able to set successfully cold storage, you can get more profit from cold storage charges. You can charge different prices as monthly rent for keeping products in your cold storage from companies and farmers.

You can set up any size and length of cold storage, you can set up 100 MT cold storage to 500MT cold storage or more than that as per your need. Temperature control and advanced technology are very important for setting such cold storage. So, first, calculate primary points and then calculate the cost of cold storage and prepare documents for government subsidy and loan.

Hire an experienced consultant who helps you to set up cold storage. They will design cold storage as per your business need. They will also make you a business plan and the cost of cold storage. This helps to move further for setting up the business. Consultants prepare documents, papers and connected with the government department for that. Me and team for 25 years, we are consulting and helping clients to set up cold storage all over the world. I have already finished 160+ projects on cold storage and chilling plants. Once you will be able to set up cold storage successfully, you will be able to get long-term cold storage charges always. Find the best deal from us and set up cold storage now.

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It helps to increase the economic growth and help farmers or middle man to expand their business and grab the market very easily. Business owners or farmers able to keep all the fruits and vegetables within the cold storage and they can sell those items throughout the year. It helps to increase sales and improve the profit ratio. Contact me to know more details and if you wish, I can make a business plan for you.

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