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Refrigeration is one of the most used methods for the preservation of both dairy products and their derivatives. When subjected to freezing temperatures it is possible to alter fat molecules, proteins, and sugars. These, finally, lose their physical characteristics, an issue that gives them an appearance like cut milk. Do you want to start your own profitable business, you should first know about the cost of making cold storage and for that, you will need to call us. Visit our website NSSPL for more information.

On the other hand, the temperature is an important variable for the growth of microorganisms, through which they can be classified into hyperthermophiles, the rmophiles, mesophiles, and psychotropics.

Hyperthyroidism grow in a temperature range between 65 and 115 ° C; thermophiles between 45 and 65 ° C, mesophiles between 10 and 45 ° C and psychotropics have an optimal growth temperature of 15 ° C or lower, but can grow up to 0 ° C.

There are also other types of microorganisms with an optimal growth temperature between 20 and 40 ° C, but that can grow at 0 ° C, which are called psychrotolerant.

Classification of microorganisms according to their growth temperature:

Psychrophiles grow in permanently cold environments and die quickly if exposed to normal ambient temperatures. These microorganisms can impressively evade and overcome the barriers to which they are subjected to prevent their development, they even easily adapt to environments, even with all the technology currently available.

Refrigeration temperatures (0 to 8 ° C) are widely used to help preserve raw, cooked, and processed foods. Unfortunately, this does not limit the growth of microorganisms, since they can adjust their physiology and thus manage to survive low temperatures.

In general, it has been reported that microorganisms adapt to low temperatures by modifying their metabolic routes, observing the following changes:

  • Cold-adapted microorganisms accumulate cryoprotective substances inside their cells
  • Increase the viscosity of the cytoplasm due to the accumulation of salts (bacterial freezing)
  • The cold weakens the hydrophobic bonds of proteins, activating enzymatic inactivity, which reduces their reproduction
  • There is an increase in unsaturated fatty acids to maintain the semi-fluid state of the membrane

During freezing, the growth of various microorganisms is also stopped. At temperatures of -30 ° C (survival of bacteria is greater than at higher temperatures, -2 to -10 ° C). However, it can cause sublethal lesions in microorganisms that receive these temperatures for storage.

However, when frozen food is stored with an abundant microbial load, the enzymatic activities of the bacteria can continue to lead to further spoilage in the product where they are present.

Later, when the frozen food is totally or partially thawed, its temperature increases, and its environment becomes more favorable for the microbial activity to be reactivated.

Cold storage facility:

The cold storage starts from the moment the finished product is obtained. Later, it goes through the phases of distribution, storage, and handling. The activities and resources necessary to develop the programs vary significantly in each of these phases. So, it must be borne in mind that even if there is state-of-the-art technology for the cold storage, it will not be effective if the people responsible for the program do not know and do not correctly apply the principles of operation and functioning of the refrigeration equipment and the components used to preserve the product.

What is the cost of making cold storage?

The cost of making cold storage depends on several factors. However, approximately the cost of a 50-ton capacity cold storage facility should be approx. 9 lakh without the cost of the land. For the precise cost, get in touch with us at NSSPL

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Have you come to my website for cold storage business information? If yes then you can watch video related to cold storage business by clicking here. 

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