Deesa potato cold storage

potato cold storage

Potatoes are starchy tubers growing under the surface of the soil. Deesa is a city in Gujarat stores its vegetables in cold storage. Deesa potato cold storage facility keeps the potatoes safe for the longer term.

There is a need for storing potatoes like other vegetables to last for a longer time. Storing appropriately increases the potato’s shelf life. Seed potatoes also need cold storage at 2- 4°C with humidity at 95%. The cold stored potatoes accumulate sugar and taste sweet.

What is the potato's shelf life?

The potatoes’ shelf life varies as to various factors, the temperature at which the people keep potatoes or if they are cooked beforehand. Generally, a raw potato lasts several months as per the temperature it is stored. Potato cold storage in Deesa is handled with care.

Cooked potatoes can stay in the fridge for several days and lasts for a year in the freezer. For instance: 

  • Raw potatoes are stored at around room temperature for 1–2 weeks
  • Cooked and frozen for 10–12 months
  • Raw potatoes are stored at around 50°F/10°C 2–3 months
  • Instant and uncooked Years
  • Cooked and refrigerated for 3–4 days

The technique of cooking does not make a difference to the cooked potato’s shelf life. A meal having potatoes may have a shorter shelf life as it contains other ingredients.

Storing in a Cool Place

The temperature of Deesa potato cold storage has an impact on its lasting. If it is stored as raw potatoes at 43–50°F, it will stay fresh for months. The temperature is warmer slightly than the refrigeration and is found in basements, cool cellars, sheds, or garages.

 Storing potatoes in these conditions delays the sprout’s formation on the skin, which is spoilage’s first sign.

Potato cold storage in Deesa in the cool temperatures enjoys an increase in shelf life, in comparison to room temperature storage. Storing at low temperatures helps preserve vitamin C content.

Research shows potatoes stored in cool temperatures retain 90% of their vitamin C content for four months. On the other hand, they lose around 20% vitamin C in warmer room temperatures after a month. 

Storing at slightly above refrigeration temperatures in Deesa potato cold storage is an ideal way of extending the shelf life. In this way, it also maintains the vitamin C content. 

Potato cold storage in Deesa

How to place the potatoes?

Potatoes can be free from moisture accumulation with good airflow. Free air circulation is a must, so storing them in a paper bag or an open bowl is best. Avoid zipped bags or tight lids. Without air circulation, mold and bacteria growth is faster.

Potatoes are grown underground and have dirty skins. It may be tempting to rinse the dirt before storing it. However, if you want them for a longer time, place them in Potato cold storage in Deesa in dry condition.

Washing the potatoes adds moisture, promoting bacterial and fungus growth. Before using, scrub and rinse them using a vegetable brush. Rinse using vinegar or salt solution to clear the pesticides, if any.

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Storage Tips

  • Store cooked and raw potatoes differently.
  • Store raw potatoes in a dry, cool environment.
  • Store cooked potatoes left over in the fridge or freeze them for months, but the quality will reduce.

People eat potatoes everywhere as it is a versatile and nutritious staple food. Some of the risks of eating potatoes can be known from NSSPL. Contact them to avoid the risk and learn the exact way of storing potatoes in cold storage.

Store potatoes to last much longer! 

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