How Beneficial Is It To Start A Cold Storage Near Pune?

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Due to the lack of post-harvest storage areas, India loses around 18% of its annual production and fails to realize its full potential. Despite numerous government policies and incentives, India’s cold storage industry has remained one of the most neglected and investment-free.

A 25 million tonnes imbalance between supply and demand results from the fact that just 2% of output in India is stored or transferred in cold-storage facilities, as opposed to 85% in the US.

Would it be beneficial to start such a capital-intensive business in India, or specifically Pune? In this article, we are going to review How Beneficial Is It To Start A Cold Storage Near Pune? Keep reading and learn more about it.

How Beneficial Is It To Start A Cold Storage Near Pune?

To measure the benefit offered by cold storage near Pune, we must measure the costs of cold storage near Pune. So, how much would it cost in the first place? Here are some of the cost measurements.

  1. The Costs Related to the Operation of the Cold Storage Solutions

A conventional multi-tier walk-in cold storage with a 6,000-ton capacity is projected to cost $5 crore, minus the cost of the land. Typically, at least an acre would be needed for a cold storage unit with a storage capacity of 5000 MT.

For traditional technology, it can range from INR 5000 to INR 20,000 per TON, but for Dutch and Danish technology, it can be even higher (considered the best). Instead of focusing on the technology or procedure, let me demonstrate the differences in the results. With the appropriate design and technology, you can:

  • Increase the shelf life of juicy vegetables and fruits from one to four months. For example, consider buying tomatoes for INR 2–5 per kilogram and selling them for INR 50–80 per kilogram during the busiest season.
  • Better flavor preservation since produce is unaffected by temperature and humidity changes.

It Is Beneficial to Start a Cold Storage Near Pune.

The cold storage industry generates enormous profits. The profits outnumber the operational costs. There is a big requirement for cold storage for vegetables in our nation. Insufficient and inappropriate cold storage for vegetables results in the loss of many vegetables. The cold storage industry is successful. Pune is a city with large agricultural fields. The agriculture fields should be stored in the unpredictable climate of the city. Rice, Jowar,  Urad, Gram, Groundnut, Tur, Wheat, and other pulses are the main crops farmed in Pune. This is a significant oil seed producer.

The state is one of the major guava growers, and the districts of Buldana, Pune, and Nashik are well-recognized for their guava-related products. So, you may think would it be feasible to store the oil seeds or other seeds in cold storage?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. The seeds require cold storage solutions. Seeds should be stored at a temperature of 35 to 40 °F and a relative humidity of under 40%. In most freezers, the temperature stays around 40°F, although the relative humidity is considerable. To maintain low humidity levels, seeds must be kept in packages with tight seals and kept in refrigerators.

Pune is the Important City in the Maharastra State.

Pune is one of the most important cities in Maharashtra. Maharashtra is one of the most important states in India.  One of the key economic sectors in the State is the sector of agriculture and related industries. This industry provides the majority of the State’s population with their means of subsistence. Agriculture and related industries make up 11.9% of the state GDP on average.

One of the top states, when it comes to the agriculture sector, is Maharashtra. Maharashtra’s economy relies largely on farming. Furthermore, agriculture is the mainstay of its economy. So, most of the produces of Maharashtra can cross the city of Pune, and the cold storage establishment in Pune would generate great revenue for the owners.

There can be traders who would like to keep their warehouses in Pune. So, your cold storage units can be highly profitable given the importance and strategic location of the city of Pune.

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Pune is a city that produces seeds and other grains produce. The grains and seeds require cold storage solutions. It would be quite lucrative to establish cold storage units in Pune. India’s business is quickly evolving as a result of the country’s high demand, larger profit margins, and favorable tax laws. Cold storage is the greatest option if you want to invest in a company that just needs one significant investment. You can easily make profits out of the cold storage units in Pune, India.

So, learn about the local laws related to cold storage units, and establish a highly reliable cold storage unit for the customers.

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