How Can We Start A Cold Storage Business In Assam?

How Can We Start A Cold Storage Business In Assam

Do you wish to work in the food industry but are unsure of how to proceed? Why not launch your own cold storage company and thaw your way to success? You have come to the right place. We are going to explain How Can We Start A Cold Storage Business In Assam? Keep reading to learn everything about it, and start a cold storage business in Assam – in its multiple cities such as Guwahati, Silchar, Dibrugarh, Nagaon, and Bongaigaon.

Cold Storage Units Capacity in Assam - How Can We Start A Cold Storage Business In Assam?

The study found that total production in the state is about 11 lakh MT, compared to a projected demand of 40–45 lakh MT annually. Only 1.81 lakh MT, or 16.5%, of the state’s total production, can be stored at this time.

Therefore, it is clear that only 1.8 lakh MT of the approximately 30 lakh MT supplied from other states is routed via cold storage facilities, and the other 28.2 lahks MT is legally sold via storage facilities located in godowns dispersed throughout the state.

In this case, it is clear that the price of potatoes in local markets is determined by the price that prevails in nearby states as well as transportation costs with marked-up profitability chosen by the wholesalers.The research has also revealed a new angle.

In addition, the investigation has shown a new angle on how this industry operates.

The Total Number Of The Cold Storage Units In Assam

Six of the 46 cold storages are built by the Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board, three are supported by the BTC, three are by the Department of Agriculture, and one is by the DRDA. The additional 33 (72%) cold storage facilities in Assam are privately run.

29 out of 46 cold storage facilities, or more than 63%, have a capacity between 1000 MT and 5000 MT. There are three 500 MT cold storages, two of which are not in use. 11 cold storage facilities can hold 5000 MT to 10000 MT of cargo. There are just 3 large cold storage facilities in Assam with a capacity greater than 10,000 MT.

There is a dire need for Cold Storage Units in Assam.

From the above data, we have deduced that Assam requires cold storage units in high quantities. There is high demand, but there is a dearth of cold storage units in Assam. If you intend to establish a cold storage unit in Assam, it is the best time to do so.

How Can We Start A Cold Storage Business In Assam?

In this section, we are going to explain in detail How Can We Start A Cold Storage Business In Assam? So, read all the details with great caution so as not to miss anything about it. The following is a step-by-step process you can use to launch your own cold storage company:

1. Meeting the Requirements of Setting Up a Cold Storage
Find out which company requires cold storage in the area and how many of these requirements have previously been met. If you become aware of a demand that has not yet been met, you should then fill the gap. Make a thorough analysis of how to carry out your plans. You can acquire useful suggestions by consulting other people who work in your industry.

2. Choosing the type of Cold Storage Units in Assam.
There are two possible categories for cold storage designs.

  • Above 5000 MT, to be used for large-scale potato storage, and shall be subject to the recommended monitoring mechanism. These cold storage facilities may be situated in an area with good communication capabilities. To save operating costs for power charges, a solar power-producing plant could be placed on the roof.
  • If they are less than 5000 MT but greater than 1000 MT, they may be situated in significant potato-growing regions and may be controlled by farmer organizations and groups, that primarily serve local farmers. These smaller cold storage facilities may make heavy use of solar power to improve viability.
    It has been proposed that 25–30% of domestic producers might be made possible.
  • For improved price realisation, it is proposed that 25%–30% of local manufacturing might be made to flow through cold storage facilities.

3. Start the Small-Scale Organization.
Once you’ve decided that you’re capable of succeeding, you may try it out by starting small. For instance, you may buy a freezer van to serve as a baiting storage facility and market to small-scale businesses and commercial fishermen. There isn’t much at stake financially in this test. But take into account a little greater startup operational cost. All new enterprises can anticipate this as their operations are not yet very effective.

4. Test the Performance.
Your trial run should help you decide whether you want to expand your cold storage company on a large scale or not.

5. Diversification.
If you choose to proceed, you now can try to figure out how to fund or support your business idea. You can decide to stay inside the confines of your current market or diversify.

6. Marketing is a key component of the company.
You must be aware of both your competition and your target market. Who, then, is your market? The fisherman, who served as your only marketplace during the testing period, maybe the first. Offering what your clients are selling will help you grow your market. Based on the need, you may not only keep goods but also pack things and distribute them. In this manner, you avoid having all of your eggs in one basket and maintain your competitive advantage.

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Where is the demand for cold storages the most in India

So, How Can We Start A Cold Storage Business In Assam? We have answered the question in great detail above. Exposing farmers and other stakeholders to areas where farmers have achieved success either within or outside of the region can help to foster an environment for proper backward linking and, as a result, enable them to reproduce the achievement in their local area. This motivating section will undoubtedly be useful in fostering a cooperative connection between state farmers and proprietors of cold storage facilities.

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