How Can We Start A Cold Storage Business In Jammu And Kashmir?

How To Start Cold Storage Business In Cameroon

The issue, “Is cold storage a lucrative company in Jammu and Kashmir?” is pertinent because cold storage is needed everywhere. Despite the frigid climate of Jammu & Kashmir, perishable commodities require conventional storage conditions to remain viable. Businesses in Jammu deal with perishable goods or those that are temperature-sensitive. To preserve such materials safely, cold storage is required. Be with us to learn about How Can We Start A Cold Storage Business In Jammu And Kashmir? This is important information to know for starting up cold storage in Jammu and Kashmir.

How Much Does A Cold Storage Business Make?

The cold storage facilities that make it easier to store goods are not available everywhere. If the goods are kept in cold storage, it is a smart way to ship them. Delivering goods everywhere is made possible by the cold storage procedure, thus it provides the precise temperature. The ability to regulate the temperature helps maintain the products in good shape and is made possible by cold storage. Due to the increased demand, the cold storage business offers greater returns on investment.

How Can We Start A Cold Storage Business In Jammu And Kashmir?

How Can We Start A Cold Storage Business In Assam?In this section, we will discuss the question How Can We Start A Cold Storage Business In Jammu And Kashmir? So, keep reading to learn everything about it in the detail.

The Documents Requirements - How Can We Start A Cold Storage Business In Jammu And Kashmir?

Before you apply online, you should have these documents:

  • ID and address verification
  • One identity-proof image of the food company owner
  • Ration cards, department-issued identification cards, PAN cards, passports, senior citizen cards, Aadhaar cards, driver’s licenses, and voter ID cards are examples of documents.
  • a list of food groups
  • Report on water quality from an ISI-approved facility
  • Medical certifications for workers Online registration form Form with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the shareholders or associates.

Application Process in Person:

  • You can speak with the Commissioner of Food Safety / Officer-In-Charge for Food Safety to register or obtain a license for cold storage.
  • Get the contact information. office Address and Contact Information
  • To apply for the cold storage unit in Jammu and Kashmir, you need the application Form-B: Form B.
  • By carefully reviewing the eligibility requirements listed under the “Eligibility” portion of this page, please ensure that you are qualified to submit an application.

You must first obtain Form-B from the linked page, fill it out with all the necessary information, and then submit it to the Commissioner Food Safety Department. the name is shown in the contact information and office locations sections below.

  • Please fill out the application and ensure you possess all of the paperwork listed on this column’s “Required Documents” section.
  • In the deputy commissioner’s office, submit the necessary fees and turn in the form to the department’s food and safety department commissioner.
  • The authorities are now checking your application and the attached documentation.
  • Authorities will examine the cold storage-related facilities, and if they are pleased with the criteria upheld, they will grant the franchise permission.
  • The FSSAI license for cold storage will then need to be picked up by the applicant on a specific date.

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The Online Application Procedure for Starting a Cold Storage in Jammu and Kashmir

Here is the detailed process of the cold storage in Jammu and Kashmir initiation:

Apply On The Web:

  • You can utilize the FOSCOS website to submit an online application for an FSSAI license for cold storage. Please click this link to access: Website for FOSCOS.
  • You must click the “CLICK HERE FOR FOSCOS” tab after visiting the link.
  • Insert your login details, passwords, and captcha number in the User sign-in Box located under the “Login-Businesses” page, then press the “sign-in” link to sign in.
  • When you’re a new client, select the “Sign up” tab, fill out all the fields, input the captcha code, and then click “Sign up.”
  • The login and password will now be enabled for new members after which you will be notified by email.
  • After logging in successfully, click on License/Registration and choose to Apply.
  • On the left menu, click Apply for License/Registration.
  • Read the Note after choosing the state from the selection list box.
  • Click the radio button for your chosen business category after choosing the type of business. Next, select the “Proceed” option.
  • Select the “Check here to obtain State Permit for all Companies” link on the next site.
  • The very next Form-B page will be displayed; complete all the fields in the section titled “Premises Details” and then click “Save & Next.”
  • Fill out all of the DGFT authentication information on the Production selection page, then click “Continue with DGFT validation” to validate the information.
  • After that, click “Save” to keep the verified information. Click “Save & Next” after having completed the DGFT validation.
  • After that, complete all the communication details and press “Save & Next.”
  • Upload the necessary documents to the needed documents box, then click “Save & Next.”
  • The next step is to make the payment by selecting the preferred method.
  • A receipt with a 17-digit case number will be created after the payment has been successfully completed; print it out and store it safely for future use.
  • Through the Main website, you may monitor the application.
  • They will review this application, and when they do, they will send you an email or SMS to let you know.
Conclusion - Is Cold Storage In Jammu And Kashmir Profitable?

The safety of the products is guaranteed by having a cold storage space or structure in Srinagar or Anantnag that meets the needs of the products.

Start small to be safe, then grow as you bring in more business.

As the cold storage industry grows, the cold storage warehouse will eventually need additional products to accommodate the cold storage. A larger company in Baramulla reflects greater earnings and a broader clientele. Your company’s growth and expansion are ensured by having adequate cold storage facilities.

So, Is the cold storage business profitable in India? Yes, the cold storage business is highly profitable due to the dearth of cold storage units, especially in Jammu and Kashmir. However, cold storage is a successful industry in Jammu and Kashmir. The short answer is yes, the cold storage industry is quite successful.

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