How Cold Storage Design Can Help Improve Operations?

Welcome to the intriguing world of cold chain operations, where the movement, handling, and storage of products that are sensitive to temperature become the key priorities. In this field, effective inventory management is essential for success. You might wonder why it’s so crucial. Well, in order to secure the utmost integrity of perishable items, medications, and vaccines, it all boils down to maintaining the best possible quality of products, reducing waste, and optimizing the entire supply chain.

We set off on an interesting adventure together in this article as we examine a number of tactics designed especially to make inventory management for cold chain operations more effective. How Cold Storage Design Can Help Improve Operations? We are going to discuss the strategies that can help in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations in the cold storage units. Keep reading for more.

Ways to Improve the Operations of the Cold Storage Design

How Cold Storage Design Can Help Improve Operations? These tactics can save the day by protecting product quality as well as by lowering waste and improving the supply chain’s overall effectiveness. Businesses can achieve extraordinary customer satisfaction and pave the way to booming success by adopting these strategies, which go above and beyond what is often expected. So let’s get started and learn how to manage your inventory effectively in the fascinating realm of cold chain operations!

  1. The Automation System Should Come First
    Wherever possible, choose the automation system before the building is designed because the automation strategy is essential to the Cold Storage Project. This enables the building designer to maximize the system’s potential and achieve higher efficiency.

    Robotic pallet shuttles and stacker cranes are two of the most used cold storage automation systems. When the highest density and uniformity are not required, stacker crane systems offer an affordable and dependable solution for automated storage and retrieval. Many of the advantages of stacker cranes are also provided by robotic pallet shuttles, which also support better throughput and density. It will also increase the cold storage income.

  2. Think higher
    The square footage of the roof brings heat from solar energy, increasing the burden on the refrigeration system, and making traditional warehouses with 40-foot ceiling heights unsuitable for effective refrigeration. The facility will have a heated floor if it is a deep freeze warehouse, which adds to the heat load. 

    A building design that decreases roof and floor square footage without sacrificing storage capacity can help to minimize these problems. In order to do that, taller warehouses must be constructed, with automated systems like the ones indicated above supporting vertical storage. A facility’s footprint can be reduced by around one-third by raising the building’s height, which will result in significant savings over the facility’s lifespan.

  3.  To Control Energy Demand
    How Cold Storage Design Can Help Improve Operations? While choosing an appropriate automation system and building design can reduce consumption in a cold storage facility, managing demand can also result in cost savings. Reduced energy expenditures during times of high demand lessen the effect of surge pricing and can lower prices per kilowatt hour. The difficulty, of course, is that expenses are highest on days with high ambient temperatures when the refrigeration system is under the most thermal load.

    The secret is to use sophisticated control algorithms and sensors to enable smart energy management, which involves overcooling cold settings during times of low demand, such as nighttime, to create a thermal buffer that reduces cooling needs at peak times.

  4. Don’t Forget To Handle Cartons.
    In a cold storage warehouse, other processes besides storage and retrieval can be automated. Automating downstream processes like carton handling is also a good idea.

    The robotic case-picking system is one illustration. By combining light-goods shuttle systems, conveyors, and high-performance de-palletizing and palletizing robotic technology, it automates the process of creating store-friendly pallets. Up to 500,000 cases per day can be handled by big, medium, and small distribution centers using different configurations of the system.

  5. Warm Up Your Technology
    To operate well in low-temperature situations, automation systems need to undergo a few particular modifications. To reduce technician time in the deep freeze environment, make sure you have remote visibility into your system. You should also check that your system has features like quick detach couplings, cold-resistant lubrication, and other elements that make it easy for technicians to enter and exit the system quickly.

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