How do I build a cold storage for storing farm products in Maharashtra?

How do I build a cold storage for storing farm products in Maharashtra

Cold storages are crucial to reducing perishable commodity wastage. Cold storages help maintain product quality, making farm products available readily to consumers. Thus, the farmers get remunerative costs, and consumers enjoy the fresh condition of products at affordable prices. It means learning how to build a cold storage for storing farm products in Maharashtra, is essential.

Is cold storage necessary in Maharashtra?

Varieties of fruits and vegetables are all over Maharashtra in large numbers. The progress of India has increased the export numbers including, vegetable products, fruit pulps, fruit juices, and processed fruits. The demand for cold storage is all over, and it is necessary to decide the products you wish to store. The first step is to look for land and to work on ‘how do I build a cold storage for storing farm products in Maharashtra.’

Contact NSSPL and know about the global need and changing lifestyle habits influencing the need for cold storage. Do you know how many cold storages are there in Maharashtra? There are 1009.69 metric tons, cold storage capacity in total and 619 units.

Why do agriculture products require cold storage?

India has progressed in agriculture and horticulture production. The unavailability of cold storage facilities is resulting in wastage. This wastage doubles with improper harvesting. Increasing cold storage units assures increasing agriculture potential outputs in Maharashtra and India.

The wastage of fresh vegetables and fruits around the globe is high. Countries with higher food crop production also contribute more to food wastage. This is apparent in the states producing higher production of crops like Maharashtra. Thus, there is a need for cold storage facilities to extend the period of food crops. Contact NSSPL, their engineers can guide you on how cold storage helps post-harvesting. They will impart knowledge on reducing bottleneck transportation, and avoiding gluten during food items’ higher production.

With the increase in cold storage unit numbers, there is an increase in cold chain management. It helps post-harvesting management, thus helping vegetable and fruit efficient production and storage. Make a note to look for a cold storage place closer to the item produced or has a market nearby. If not, it should be in the closest proximity to a logistic hub.

Cold storage business important points

Building a cold storage plan is appropriate. You can also look for rent. You need 25k to 32k per MT for quality cold storage as the approximate right pricing. Make a note that the area to build allows divisions into a processing area, storage area, machine room, etc. If you are planning for Controlled Atmosphere, the advanced technology cold room, Consult NSSPL.

A few vital points are:

  • Land must be non-agricultural land to use as a cold storage facility
  • The facility of cold storage is permitted to work per day for 12 hours only
  • Get from the local authority a permission letter before building the facility.
  • Soil testing is crucial to ensure load-bearing strength and ensure site elevation.
  • Soft water is the requirement, and if it is unavailable, install water softening plant
  • Pressure and vacuum testing, as safety precautions, must be done before installing the refrigeration system
  • Proper drainage is crucial and ascertains perfect road connectivity.
  • Facilitate the cold storage unit with fire extinguishers, alarms, and exits.
  • Most importantly, insurance is a must for the cold storage facility.

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How do I build a cold storage for storing farm products in Maharashtra?

Considering building cold storage in Maharashtra is a wise decision. However, it depends on the storage capacity and operation mode, whether you need it as a self or a rental. Deciding on cold storage of 1000MT featuring 4 ~10 chambers requires at least one-acre land. While planning considers, how do I build a cold storage for storing farm products in Maharashtra? No doubt, the more, the better. 

A brief explanation 

  • The first step is to know the products of your business that require cold storage. It is because the product requirements are different, and so are their technological differences.
  • The next step is to find land for cold storage setting up. If you can spot a site for cold storage in an industrial area, it is beneficial. You can get electricity and water sewage connection easily. No matter what, wherever you look for land, ensure the land has a clear title.
  • Understand the local laws and prepare a detailed project report with a drawing. Submit it to the government agency.
  • On receiving approval, start civil works. It is time to finalize vendors for PEB, puff panel, refrigeration, etc. Ensure your PEB structure arrival as your civil work completes. It should follow with the refrigeration pieces of equipment and the panel’s arrival.
  • Without fail, check on the NHB website for the subsidy. It was 33%.
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Cold storage set-up guidelines

A perfect cold storage setup has:

  • Insulated doors in the units so that it is airtight at all times.
  • The construction of storage racks should never hinder workers working in the unit.
  • Every top rack and the ceiling should have a 30-40cm gap.
  • Ensure proper air circulation and distribution by keeping a distance of 0.76mts between racks. The racks should be away by 20 cm from the unit floor walls.
  • The succeeding shelf distance should be 7.5 cm at least.
Wrapping up

The growing demand for refrigeration and cold storage services is clear. Getting on this mission requires you to know how to get started. Knowing how do I build a cold storage for storing farm products in Maharashtrais crucial. You can contact NSSPL, a well-known expert in cold storage design services. They are construction professionals constructing large-scale projects. They follow a sophisticated procedure to ensure your property is in the optimal location.

To learn more about NSSPL services, visit their company website. Their engineers follow a systematic strategy, right from planning to construction of the cold storage units. Contact NSSPL, they will analyze the entire distribution chain and identify reasons immediately if there is poor performance.

Call NSSPL for seamless and efficient interaction.

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