How Do I Start A Cold Storage Business In Himachal Pradesh?

How Do I Start A Cold Storage Business In Himachal Pradesh

The number of cold storage facilities in India is not known with certainty. It is estimated to be close to 8000. Demand for cold storage facilities could be ten to fifteen times higher. Fruits, vegetables, meat products, and fish catches must all be kept in cold storage facilities. India borders three oceans, and the fish caught it is huge.

Due to a shortage of cold storage facilities, 20% of fish catches are lost. Only 20% of tomatoes are used up. The situation with apples and oranges is similar. There is a severe lack of transport trucks and freezer vans. These amenities are necessary close by in Himalayan communities and slopes.

So, you might be thinking “How Do I Start A Cold Storage Business In Himachal Pradesh?” We have provided the answer to this question in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it

Important Cold Storage Business Points

You should consider these points before starting a cold storage unit in Himachal Pradesh: 

  • It is necessary to convert property that needs to be utilized as a cold storage facility into non-agricultural land.
  • The local government must issue you a letter of approval before you may build the facility.
  • Only 12 hours a day are allowed for labor in cold storage facilities.
  • The area needs to be connected by a road and have sufficient drainage.
  • The site ought to be elevated.
  • To assess the soil’s capacity to support weight, testing must be done.
  • Testing of the refrigeration system’s temperature and pressure must be conducted as a safety measure.
  • Alarm bells and firefighting equipment must be installed in cold storage facilities, among other requirements.
  • If there is no access to soft water, you must build a water-softening plant.

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How Do I Start A Cold Storage Business In Himachal Pradesh?

Here is how you can start a cold storage business in Himachal Pradesh:

Step No. 1. Finalizing Land and Location of the Cold Storage Unit

In this industry, the placement of cold storage facilities is crucial. Keep cold storage facilities adjacent to consumer hubs or agricultural production sites. For a multi-commodity or multi-storage facility with a capability of 5000 metric tonnes, one acre of land is needed. Sometimes even the location or space is also determined by the amount of produce a company wants to keep.

Step No. 2. Equipment choice: Because of the extreme heat during the summer, it is important to choose equipment carefully while taking into account high load and power failures.

Here are some of the required elements for starting a cold storage business in Himachal Pradesh:

Storage Materials:

Fruits and Vegetable

Humidity of the Storage Space

The humidity of the storage space should be 85% to 90%

Initial Temperature

The initial temperature should have a range of 28-35 degrees Celsius

Storage Unit Capacity:

The cold storage unit should have at least 10MT at minimum.

Refrigeration Capacity:

It should have 30000 Btu/hour

Insulation material:

The material must have 60mm Polyurethane Fibre (PUF).

Assumed outer temperature:

The average temperature should be 43 degrees Celsius.

Step No. 3. Cleaning and maintaining

Both cleaning and maintenance are crucial for cold storage facilities. The technology, including the temperature, air humidity, and stored goods, should be monitored frequently. Servicing and cleaning platters, containers, and junk drawers on time is essential.

Step No. 4. Product Advertisements and Promotional Campaigns

The success or failure of a cold storage company is solely dependent on the implementation of successful marketing plans – promotional and advertisement efforts. An investor should focus on all of the many market segments in the early and later stages, including dealers, organizers, wholesalers, advertisers, warehousing firms, sales outlets, and supermarkets in urban and rural locations.

Step No. 5. Getting Money and Sourcing Funds

Due to the large investment required for the cold storage industry, raising money is one of the most challenging tasks. Savings are not a good source of funding for the whole investment in a cold storage business because one can need them in an emergency or to meet other pressing needs.

Step No. 6. What much of grant-in-aid is offered by the government?

Yes, the National Horticulture Board offers subsidies to companies in the cold storage industry. In Jammu and Kashmir, the grant-in-aid offered by the government ranges from 35% to 50% and as high as 75% So, you can utilize the subsidies to reduce expenditure costs to a greater extent.

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The cold storage units can then be established right away. It had become the easiest to establish the cold storage system as there are too many subsidies and other plans available for entrepreneurs. The Indian government is trying to boost the sector and has provided relaxation.

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