How do I start a cold storage plant in Uttar Pradesh?

How do I start a cold storage plant in Uttar Pradesh

The cold storage plant is a warehouse that assists in maintaining the products in their healthful conditions for an extended period. The cold storage plants offer great business opportunities. Owners can benefit from shortages, or create ones to make the most of their produce. But owners should have cold storage plants to store their produce. Cold storage systems are also needed to extend the shelf life of perishable items in hot states like Uttar Pradesh. The countries, situated on the equator, require efficient solutions for beating the climate variety. So, how do I start a cold storage plant in Uttar Pradesh?

How Do I Start a Cold Storage Plant in Uttar Pradesh?

There are several things to consider for the establishment of cold storage plant in Uttar Pradesh. We are checking the budget criteria as well as the steps required for the establishment of cold storage in Uttar Pradesh. We are going to check the registration criteria, budget criteria, and more for starting cold storage in Uttar Pradesh. Here is the complete detailed information:

a.The Registration Criteria for the Cold Storage in Uttar Pradesh

There are several licenses and certificates to obtain. Every cold storage facility must have these certificates and licenses to operate. If you are considering how a business can start operating as official cold storage in Uttar Pradesh, we have the perfect answer for you. Here are the top requirements for cold storage in Uttar Pradesh:

  • If the storage unit turnover exceeds 30 crores, a license from the central licensing body is required.
  • If the annual storage unit turnover is less than 12 lakh, an FSSAI certificate is required.
  • When you exceed 12 lakh storage units, you need a license from the state licensing body, and the highest limits are 30 crores.

There are many cities in Uttar Pradesh, including Meerut, Agra, and Prayagraj. To operate several units in the same state, a separate license must be obtained from the federal or state governments. For the headquarters, even a central license is necessary. A license is granted by a state agency. As a result, you can apply for a cold storage unit for the FSSAI regional director. Within 15 days after the user’s submittal, the license must be submitted.

b.License Fees for the Cold Storage in UP

The price of cold storage in Uttar Pradesh also includes license costs. Now, this is the part of the budget that pays the fees for the establishment of the cold storage facility. These containers range in size from 2500 cubic meters to no more than 10,000 cubic meters. Here is the detailed information:

  1. The Registration Fees for 10,000 Cubic Meters of Space. Over 10,000 cubic meters of space here cost 5000 rs. Such a unit is priced at 2,500 rupees.
  2. The registration fees for the 25 Cubic Meters. Nevertheless, units for cold storage with a capacity of 25 cubic meters but no more than 2500 cubic meters cost 1000 rupees.
  3. License Fees for Cold Storage Greater Than 10,000 cubic meters. A cold storage container with a capacity greater than 10,000 cubic meters will run you about 5000 rupees.
  4. The cold storage facility for 2500 cubic meters A cold room unit would cost about 2500 rupees if its capacity is between 2500 and  10,000 cubic meters. A cold facility unit will cost about 1000 rupees if its capacity is between 25 and not more than 2500 cubic meters.

c.Some Temperature Rules for the Cold Storage Facilities

Here are some of the top cold storage facilities: 

  • The facility should include scanning thermometer capabilities so that the facility’s capacity may be determined by the thermometer’s readings.
  • The diffuser pipelines’ temperature should be between + and –1 degree Celsius.
  • The vacuum pipe is marked by adequate belt protectors, proper insulation, and moving parts.
  • The refrigeration condenser person receiving must have a pressure gauge.
  • Every room needs to have an alarm. Ideally, a first aid kit would be available.

The entire cost may be increased depending on the quality of the cold storage plant.

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Does Government Offer any Subsidies to the Cold Storage Sector?

As the government is aiming to increase the number of cold storage sectors, the Indian government has announced subsidies for the sector. The sector and its users are exempt from a number ro taxes. To preserve the product, the government provides grants for the construction of cold storage facilities adjacent to farms. However, the subsidy component is handled by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries in India (MOFPI).


50 to 75 percent of the entire installation costs are covered by government-sponsored programs. The installation costs include those for installing machinery, doing civil work, etc. The location is crucial when setting up a cold storage factory in Uttar Pradesh or elsewhere in India. The authorized maximum amount is 10 crores.

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